Thunder Force by Ben Falcone Film Review

Featuring the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and the magnificent Octavia Spencer, Thunder Force is an underwhelming superhero comedy with a not so original story to tell.

Following the ever-repetitive structures and formations of the superhero genre, Thunder Force had basically nothing fresh or inventive to add. Its storyline, though humorous and entertaining, was achieved with total absence of any profound essence or significance.

Thunder Force review: Superhero comedies are rare and Netflix's is why -  Polygon

Agreeably, in spite of the film’s enjoyable ambiance, essentially due to McCarthy and Spencer’s joyous presence, its storyline was forced, unimaginative and dull. Thunder Force lacked the fundamental components of a superhero flick: astonishment, magnificence, and magnitude.

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, alongside newcomer Taylor Mosby, managed to infuse this lackluster with an imperative touch of intrigue and likeability. If anything, their presence was a decisive ingredient that assisted in making this entire experience worthwhile.

The visuals, the uniforms and the film’s entire cinematography were also surprisingly well-accomplished embellishments that aided in preserving the pleasant mood and laid-back attitude initially generated by the cast.

Thunder Force, the not so impactful superhero feature with so many squandered potential could have effortlessly been an immediate Netflix hit and the beginning to a whole new superhero dynasty.

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