Team A Night of Misifit Films

A Night of Misifit Films Film Feastival Team 2023

Dineta Williams-Trigg

Foudner and Director

Dineta Williams-Trigg is an American Film, and Stage Actor. She is the owner, and  proprietor of Full Figure Productions, whose mission, is to positively affect every human soul that she makes contact with through her storytelling, and lots of hugs. She created her own film festival ‘A Night of Misfit Films’  in its fifth year, to provide other filmmakers the opportunity to screen unseen works. Dineta is extremely honored to be a part of The Lebanese Independent  Film Festival and truly believes that as creatives, “Our Voices Can Change The World”.

Dineta Williams-Trigg
Gauthier Raad photo

Gauthier Raad


Gauthier Raad is a filmmaker, editor and producer. He graduated with two Masters in Production and Film Directing. Gauthier has participated in several festivals across the globe with his documentaries and short films and has won numerous awards. In 2017, created the Lebanese Independent Film Festival – LIFF , the largest local and international film competition in Lebanon, despite censorship. Gauthier is the founder of the Fantasy Film Festivals – Le Festival du Film du Fantasme in Paris and is also developing CIFF the Canadian Independent Film Festival and is a founding member of many other festival. Gauthier has worked in many well-known compagnies and Festivals such as Avignon Festival and France 24 News channel.

John Trigg

Audiovisual Director