We Film Festivals Official Selection 2023

We Film Festivals Winners 2023:

Best Experimental: Thorn by Pauline Nawwar
Best Director: Sperm by Zeph Tanos
Best Narrative: Le Poussin et les Sourcils by Rami Salloum
Best Horror: BITCH HORROR MOVIE’ DIR. Louis Duran AZ
Best Sci-fi : ALL THAT REMAINS’ DIR. John K.D. Graham NM
Best Drama: 13 GRAMS’ Dir. Christopher Beudet France
Best Comedy: SAND IN THE CRACK’ Dir. Kimber Leigh AZ./HI
Best Audience 1: HIGHBROW’ DIR. Brittany Gillespie CA
Best Audience 2: CHANCES’ DIR. Rob Heschl Canada
Directors choice: A CERTAIN STAIN’ Dir. Jonathan Chiarle OH

We Film Festivals Official Selection 2023:

Project TitleDirectorsSynopsis
Strangers Among UsRita SistrunkAmidst the ongoing war in Ukraine an ambitious  New York City transplant struggles to write an article for New Yorker Magazine forcing her to relive her childhood in Soviet occupied Lithuania. 
To Be Like YouMeredith EsquivelBoth Danny Telman and Johnny Springton are young artists with a legacy to live up to.  The weight of these societal and parental expectations weigh on them as the desperately try to find a way to be the masters of their own destinies.  Once they are brought together by a chance posting for an acting gig, the unexpected interconnectedness of of their upbringings come to the forefront as their stories intertwine around the creation of something to call their own.
SolitaryManinder ChanaWith minutes left before U.S. forces level a Mujahideen camp, a Sikh prisoner trapped in solitary confinement turns to his faith to make a daring escape.
MayaPaul C HemmesMaya, a shape shifting soul collector seeks to lead a group of unsuspecting non-believers into the afterlife. As space and time become a blurred mirror of reality and Maya’s mysterious abilities take on a dark and ominous tone, fear becomes the only key to salvation. For this group of unsuspecting victims, their deepest terror becomes their only way out
Lower GroundFiras ItaniWhen a concierge begins to prepare dinner for his nephew, a resident demands his immediate assistance. The concierge finds himself torn between attending to his employer’s never-ending requests and the boy’s growing hunger. Left unsupervised, the boy sets out to make his dinner, ultimately taking a drastic turn.
ThornPauline NawwarNot all that glitters is gold..When a sinner longs for the innocence in him, despite the liberation of the body, the soul remains shackled in search of itself..Resisting the pain becomes a pleasure!
Les Poussins et les SourcilsRami SalloumPeacefully living together, Mira, a child psychologist and her boyfriend Wael, a struggling writer, get into a two-folded dilemma after sensing some odd events concerning one of Mira’s patients.
KharabSarah SalehA psychological drama that constructs a stream-of-consciousness meditation on war, distorted memory and the effect of a near death experience on a human’s mental state. Based on a true story. Shot in one take.
SpermZeph Tanos
Trip 16Walid Jarrab
LiorScott Glassman
Between words, their silence…Anna Saad