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Gauthier Raad


Gauthier Raad is a French filmmaker, editor and producer, living between Paris, Beirut and the United States. He graduated with two Masters in Production and Film Directing. Gauthier has participated in several festivals with his documentaries and short films and has won numerous awards. In 2018, created the Lebanese Independent Film Festival – LIFF , the largest local and international film competition in Lebanon, despite censorship. Gauthier is the founder of the Fantasy Film Festivals – Le Festival du Film du Fantasme in Paris and is also developing CIFF the Canadian Independent Film Festival and is a founding member of many other festival. Gauthier has worked in many well-known compagnies and Festivals such as Avignon Festival and France 24 News channel.

Dineta Williams-Trigg


Dineta Williams-Trigg is an American Film, and Stage Actor. She is the owner, and  proprietor of Full Figure Productions, whose mission, is to positively affect every human soul that she makes contact with through her storytelling, and lots of hugs. She created her own film festival ‘A Night of Misfit Films’  in its fifth year, to provide other filmmakers the opportunity to screen unseen works. Dineta is extremely honored to be a part of The Lebanese Independent  Film Festival and truly believes that as creatives, “Our Voices Can Change The World”.

Dineta Williams-Trigg

John Trigg

Audiovisual Director

Charelle Abdallah

Festival Programmer

Charelle is a filmmaker and researcher. Graduating with a BA in Audiovisual, she is now in the process of obtaining her MA in Arts & Culture, specializing in Contemporary literature and Art; Cultural Interventions and Social Justice. As she believes in the power of the visual arts, her mission is to make knowledge accessible through combining her love for filmmaking and for research. In her role as festival programmer, Charelle focuses on curating films for the local audience in a way that makes the screening informative, as well as engaging and entertaining.

Pamela Nassour

Pamela Nassour

Artistic Director

Pamela Nassour is an award-winning Lebanese filmmaker, film critic, and educator. Her experimental short film Ila Haythou – To Nowhere received accolades and prizes at international festivals. Pamela graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik USEK with a master’s in Visual Arts – Film and Television and she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Contemporary Latin American Cinema at Saint Joseph University in Beirut and The University of Granada. Pamela is also an educator and lecturer at The Lebanese International University and The American University of Technology. Her filmography includes three short films and she is currently working on the fourth. Pamela recently accepted the invitation to join the New York-based FFTG Awards 2021 to be part of the official selection committee, the same goes for The Arab Short Film Festival and she is currently the artistic director of the Lebanese Independent Film Festival.

Sandy Rakka

Partnership Manager

Sandy Rakka
Fransesco Bakhos

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Halim Kassouf


Halim Rabih Kassouf is an Lebanese filmmaker, writer and editor. He also works as an editor at LIFF and Startup minute. He is also Known for his role as the Judge in a Lebanese theatre play “al-moufatech” Directed By “Michel Hourani. 

Halim Kassouf LIFF