We Script Competition 2023

Winners We Script Competition 2023:

Fantasy Film Festival – Script Competition Award : Isabela – Ben Peddle
International Feature Script: War Cares Little – Tom Beechcroft
Feature Script Award: Devotion – Leon McConnell
Short Script Award: Not Moving on – Johnny Galvan
Arizona Script Award: Michelle Siouty – Severed

Official Selection 2023:

Project TitleWritersSynopsis
PigcatSteven Keith BogartAfter a mother abandons her naive twelve-year-old boy to the toxic world of her boyfriend, he searches for ways to fit in until he faces the inevitable.
“Enter the Room” ScreenplayHarry WaldmanA young adult (Brian) is visited by his brother, Jeremy, who needs a place to stay as he settles into his new city. The two polar opposite personalities begin to clash as Jeremy’s presence poses a threat to Brian’s way of life. Brian’s uptight personality and unreasonable living standards rub off on Jeremy, creating an incredible amount of tension. Bad blood, stemming from a traumatic past event reveals the shocking truth of the brothers’ current situations, as Brian struggles to differentiate between reality and his worst nightmares.
GabeVictor Webb Quinton, Wilbur William WittA story of how God will use the most unqualified individual to warn the world of a soon coming event.  An incredible journey between an abused teenager and an Angel named, Gabe…who has been assigned to have her delivered to the location of this momentous event…no matter what!  
WonderlandKolé MahoneyBIANCA VILLALOBOS is an at-risk illegal immigrant based in New York City.  After being forced to leave her job, she crosses paths with a bad influence named NINA.
They team up on a number of petty crimes then eventually launch “WONDERLAND”, an undergound BDSM club where men are teased, taunted, and ‘punished’ in exchange for large sums of money.
The venture is a huge success until greed and betrayal turn the 2 women into enemies.
Stone Garden
After running away from home, a young boy happens upon a mysterious stone garden. Trapped by its enigmatic caretaker, he learns a painful lesson about regret, sacrifice and ultimately what it means to love and be loved.  
In the Exterminator, mentally unstable assistant professor Beth Dykowski is convinced that a senior colleague in the University Department of Biology, Maynard Winnow, has been stealing key formulas involved in what she perceives as her revolutionary research splicing human and insect genes. At a dinner party hosted by Maynard, supposedly welcoming Beth back into the departmental fold after a brief psychiatric hospitalization for “paranoia”, she becomes convinced that Maynard has somehow treated his other guests with her secret gene splicing formula, turning them slowly into grotesque insect hybrids! In fact, Maynard’s behavior and comments at the party seemed geared to amplifying Beth’s fears. As guests are separated in smaller groups in Maynard’s bizarrely decorated manse, Beth lashes out at isolated individuals that she perceives to be transforming into various insects. Eventually she confronts Maynard who even further encourages her breakdown by acknowledging indirectly that he may have indeed done as Beth suspects, and a terrible fight to the bitter death ensues between them. Beth barely prevails, but from her point of view, not in time enough to save the last few guests, including her husband, from transforming. Believing she is fighting for her life, she violently dispatches of them before they can do the same to her. In the end, a swarm of cops arrive at the manse to find Beth alone, injured and bleeding in the front yard, ranting about the insect hybrids inside and what she has been forced to do. Inside the house, the cops discover the corpses of several brutalized guests whose bodies otherwise appear normal! But as Beth is transported to the hospital in a police ambulance, one more horrific transformation takes place, finally answering the question as to whether Beth has lost her mind or has been witness to the most horrible of truths…
Shaneeka and HossGlenn L LissnerAn unlikely friendship is forged between a 75 year old  landlord and his 25 year old  tenant.
the dedicated physicianMichael And Andrew M VolpeDOCTOR OVERCOMES PERSONAL TRAGEDY TO FIGHT FOR THE POOR IN SCREENPLAY, “THE DEDICATED PHYSICIAN” As a gay Latina in a tough professional, Lee Lopez has endured prejudice her whole life. After overcoming a painful miscarriage and a divorce from her unfaithful lawyer wife, Doctor Lopez fights an uphill battle to stop her inner-city hospital from closing in  ” the dedicated physician”, written by the award-winning father and son writing team of Michael and Andrew M Volpe. Neonatal physician Lopez starts her day by saving the life of an injured, single mom and successfully delivering her premature baby. Lopez then swings into battle against a greedy board of directors and her ex-wife’s lover bent on closing the only hospital available to the poor because it loses money. Lopez’s ardent plea to the board falls short. But when all seems lost a well -timed protest and an unlikely alliance helps Lopez save the hospital from closure. Years later, Lopez’s life is saved by the very person she helped bring into the world. Andrew M. Volpe is a video producer and editor whose documentary, “The Free Agent Fan” has won a number of film festival awards, including Best Documentary and Audience Choice. In 2020/21, Andrew won 4 video awards for his pet adoption Public Service Announcement, Cat Scratch Fever: The Cat Video (https://youtu.be/tG-4Xw5aHXk). Andrew and his dad, Michael Volpe, teamed up as screenwriters to win the 2019 NORTHERN VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Jury Award and the 2019 Hollywood Screenwriting Contest – with scripts based on Andrew’s Free Agent Fan film. They teamed again in 2021 to win Best Screenplay in the Venus Italian International Film Festival for “Our Greenwich Village Days”. They also won NOVA’s 2022 Best LGBT Screenplay Award.
His is a story of greed, backstabbing, double-crossing, double-dealing, lying, cheating, womanizing, and a few other unspeakable and unmentionable manipulations, told by an old, dried-up, broken-down, soon-to-meet-his-maker, southern scalawag.  No formal education is considered complete without first examining in detail, the absurd, brutal life of this one-time, bootlegger, underworld hitman, confidence man, lover boy, ex-convict, buffalo soldier, and family man.
The RideAlysha HaranWhen Blake picks up a young Marine hitching his way down the highway, he has no idea giving the veteran a simple ride will have such a life-changing effect on both of them. 
PLENTY OF FISHTROY BRYANT LEAAn American ex-pat starts a popular dating podcast while working in Dubai.  By random chance of stumbling into an alley, he rescues a female Morrocan forced into trafficking; consequently, he marries her.  
The VolunteerRobert Allen Nelson, Jason MorwickIn an effort to track down the Nazi Lieutenant who murdered his parents during the aftermath of WW2, a German orphan enlists in the infamous French Foreign Legion and finds himself thrown into a deadly conflict in Southeast Asia.
Lucy is a hard working, impartial professional, yet everyone she admits into tonight’s networking events makes a different false assumption about her.
Barrio BarristerWilliam Gregg WeeksA Mexican boy comes to the United States not speaking a word of English and becomes the most important activist civil rights lawyer of our time.  A true story about Miguel Garcia who gave us the Pitchess Motion and the Murgia Decision, the most important tools we now have for weeding out bad cops and preventing discriminatory law enforcement on a large scale.
 A Letter For you.James GillardA diary holds the key to life for a young man, but a woman challenges him to stop writing words and start speaking them.
John DoeJeffrey RectorA homeless man with no memory of his past or who he is, helps save people on the gritty streets of Los Angeles. “John Doe” stars Martin Kove (“Cobra Kai”), Crystal Allen (Star Trek: Enterprise”) and Jeff Rector (“American Horror Story”).
Meet The Joneses (Pilot)Levi Wise-Kenneth Catoe Jr.Meet The Joneses is a political comedy that’s not so politically correct; there are a lot of racial undertones because the story deals with race and how this particular small town in NY, is affected by race, once a Black resident becomes mayor of this predominantly white suburban enclave that’s not willing to change by becoming integrated. We meet these seven, thirty-something-year-old African-American characters as they eat breakfast and prepare for Rockefeller (Rock) Jones’s first press conference as the newly appointed mayor of Sag Harbour; a well-to-do predominantly white enclave in Long Island NY. Rock is about to become the 2nd African-American Mayor of Sag Harbour due to the resignation of the former mayor, which happens to be Rock’s best friend, Everhard (E.) Dick, was forced out after he allegedly “pooped” in his neighbor’s front yard, and then he allegedly flung it in his neighbor’s face; which unfortunately went viral and forced Everhard to resign as mayor but is reassigned to the position of First Deputy Mayor; but with hopes of returning once things boil over; except for the fact that Mrs. Peggy (Peg) Jones, Rock’s wife, a dimwitted housewife, loves her new position as “First Lady” of Sag Harbour; while Everhard’s wife, Anita Dick the former First Lady, now Director of Communications, and one of Peggy’s best friends, low-key resents Everhard for losing his position as mayor. Rock and Everhard have another best friend, the ever-frustrated Howard (Howie) Wise, who runs his own family hardware business, but also supports Rock by becoming one of his Trustees but only half-heartedly and is married to the overly-ambitious Babette (Babs) Wood, a feminist who chose to keep her maiden name; and is another one of Peg’s best friends along with the high-strung Anita; but Babs is the more sensible of the women. Babette is the newly chosen Deputy Mayor for Strategic Initiatives, although Howard would prefer her to be a stay-at-home housewife like Peggy; and finally, there is Deborah (Deb/Debbie) Fokker, Peggy’s sarcastic, single younger sister, and Rock’s Press Secretary. Everyone except Peggy goes to Village Hall. The crowd applauds when Rock enters the lobby, but when Everhard enters, they boo. Things are not going well for Rock on his first day once the disgruntled press arrives ready to tear the new mayor to shreds. Peggy shows up, and Anita, envious of Peggy’s new position, tells her she shouldn’t be involved in politics. Rock is struggling with the press conference and connecting with the crowd who questions all politicians as crooked and weren’t too sure of supporting another Black mayor, to begin with. When Peggy sees this, she storms into the conference room and gets on the podium. She makes a speech about how she is a simple homemaker and understands their problems. The crowd applauds, and Peggy wins them over… Confused? Don’t Be…  Just Open Up The Script… Read and Enjoy 🙂
I’ve Been Watching You
For the past 7 years, Steven Taylor has been a restless homicide detective for the city of Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, it will be what happened 7 years prior that will bring him to his knees and grief to the people around him. Now Detective Taylor must race against time to solve a string of murders where the only suspect is… Him!!!
 PHILANDERDanny DarrenNajib is an Afghan playboy with a love for the ladies who dates women all over the world and places plastic flags of their country on his mantelpiece to mark his conquests. He is obsessed with online dating and flies out to meet a Ukrainian girl to add another flag to his collection. Things go wrong when he gets abducted by criminals and held in a basement for his money. They will do anything to take his wealth and try to beat it out of him. They track down the Ukrainian girl and use her as leverage to destroy his spirit and take his money.  Will he give up his money for the girl he likes, or allow her to suffer and be a prisoner forever?
More Going DownDennis j ManningThere is more going down than just the sun as love, lies and other alibis collide. Carlos and his boyfriend Robin craft the plan to get rich and get out using the love that Jake, and Karen have for Carlos. Mitch will take the fall, or will he? Carlos is found dead, and everyone has a motive. Karen is the last one standing in the final moments as she screams, “help I feel threatened.” There is a lot more going down between these five people as motives, deceit and deception take center stage. This is a 5-character, LGBTQ production.
Agnus DeiVance Alexander BuellWhen strange assailants begin breaking into Tara’s family home, she seeks to protect her dying mother, not privy to the much darker fate that awaits her. 
FamiliaTerrill JohnsonA guy’s car broke down on his way home. He tries to get help from a nearby home but never expected to get kidnapped into become apart of the family
The Way ThroughIan StoutWhat do you do when the danger is no longer the enemy, the danger is yourself?
Ethan, a combat vet struggling with severe PTSD and troubled relationships, is given a second chance when he sets out on a healing journey through the care of an underground psychedelic therapist. 
He begins to make progress as he faces some of his deepest familial wounds and is presented with an opportunity to forgive the curliest of all his enemies… himself. 
But his demons won’t go quietly. Will he have the courage to face them and find a way through?
A PLEA FOR JUSTICE Maurice Simmons, Keith Davis, Erma Elzy“A PLEA FOR JUSTICE” is a contemporary thriller set in summertime, rural and urban Georgia about a high-powered African American attorney who unwisely chooses to represent a white teenager accused of murdering his black teammate. This all happens against the backdrop of the Black Live Matter Movement.
The Monumental Twins Of MagicKit Wilson“After two telepathic twins survive their traumatic childhood, they are hired by a famous magician, where they navigate a world of underground drug cartels, traveling roadside scams and luxurious celebrity lifestyles, until deciding to blow it all up and become informants for the FBI.”
Blue DanubeTom AllenWhen Alex is hit by a car and suffers a head injury causing amnesia, he is taken into the care of a socially awkward young woman called Clare, who develops an attachment to him. 
Trying to prolong their relationship, Clare begins spiking Alex’s food with medication causing memory loss, which she steals from the nursing home where she works. But despite her attempts to hamper his recovery, Alex soon begins to recollect memories from his past. 
Sensing she is about to lose him forever, Clare takes Alex on a river cruise, where her sinister plan is discovered by one of their fellow passengers.
The Pickleball KillerJim CarrollBrigg, an aging pickleball sensation, with supernatural speed, and dark mysterious origin, becomes the target of the Cartel after he inadvertently rescues a young trafficked girl from their clutches.  In an attempt to give Amy a better life, he becomes her father figure and she his daughter.  The two develop a touching relationship that turns dangerous when they rescue her sister and other enslaved girls.  The cops are closing in, but the cartel beats them and reclaims the girls.  Brigg must use his special abilities and all his resources in a suicidal mission to free the girls. 
Rowan is obsessed with Korea and it’s culture he is an Asian language student at Galway University. He has no friends even the Korean exchange students are terrified of him.  He sets up events in which no one attends. While, coming home from his failed Korean norebang night,(karaoke) his sister visits him to tell him that their parents have died in a tragic plane crash over India.  After the funeral, the family’s lawyer reads the will. Rowan’s family is well established.   The will is read each receives an equal share, until it comes to Rowan who receives a considerably large sum of money for a young man. During the night as the family sleeps, Rowan tosses and turns remembering the advice of his father, to go after what you want in life. He gets up, writes a note and heads for the airport. With a bag in hand, he buys a ticket for Korea.
Once in Korea, Rowan creates a route for his one month journey. He parties through Seoul and heads to Bukansan mountain where he meets an old eccentric but jovial man. The man speaks good English. The old man tells Rowan that he is on a trip retracing a backpacking trip he and his wife did when they were University students, for the memory of his dead wife. The old man asks him to join him on his road trip.  They go around Korea sharing stories, the old man teaches Rowan Korean and Korea’s culture. They run into various characters from all parts of Korea, meeting monks, Korean saunas with mafia. They then meet on the road, a college dropout punk rock girl Daseom. She joins the two on the road. The three find themselves discovering truths about themselves as they find more eccentric adventures together. 
SeveredMichelle Leila Siouty2054 Los Angeles is cold, sterile, robotic, superficial. Shireen longs for a real, warm connection to juxtapose her surrounding world. She stumbles upon Sebastian, a mysterious man who is willing to show her the depths of his true pain and vulnerability.  As Sebastian lures her deeper and deeper away from society and into the remote, natural forest, Shireen discovers a shocking truth: they are not the only ones there.
HELL BENT FOR LEATHERRobert Alan WagnerIt’s 1885, and times are changing. Being a hero is a thankless job, but someone’s got to do it.  Sometimes life or death decisions must be made despite consequences. Town Marshall Tom Hickey leaves his job to start a new life.  His past may not let him.  Outlaws with vengeance on their minds follow Tom to settle old scores.
STEFFI STONE and the PRINCESS of FRAZARIAAndrew Huxley Miller2 juvenile strangers bond over the course of an attempted kidnapping.
PaladinMark Andrew PogodzinskiPaladin is a gun for hire in the new west in 1800. His current task is to collect Caleb Barnes and deliver him to justice. The Barnes Gang attacked a wealthy ranch, killing several people and burning the house to the ground. Paladin kills the gang with little difficulty, taking time to explain to the youngest member of the gang why he is so unimportant in the grand scheme of the world. He rides with Barnes to Howard Springs to local sheriff, Joe. A flashback shows Paladin’s first day as a twelve-year-old slave on the Windham Plantation. He witnesses the death a young girl for simply looking up. In the fields he meets Zeem, a seeming wise old man who has survived longer than most. Zeem tells Young Paladin that is the best he can do; survive another day.
In Howard Springs, after dropping Barnes off with the sheriff, Paladin walks to the hotel. He is confronted by Harrison Spake in the lobby. Paladin threatens to kill him. Harrison runs off in terror. The owner of the hotel, Shaw knows Paladin and is terribly afraid of him. Paladin has arranged for a room and company for himself to pass the time. He meets Missy in the room and they share a moment of solace in a world of hate and violence. At the sheriff’s office a mysterious black man whispers something to Sheriff Joe. A flashback shows Paladin asking Zeem where his family is? Why is he on the planation? He is the lost child. Zeem comforts him.
Paladin promises Missy she is safe in the room.
Paladin meets Joe at the saloon to collect his fee. He sees Harrison and Shaw at the bar and learns that Shaw intends to sell the hotel and leave Howard Springs forever. Paladin realizes that Shaw might have lied about there being only one hotel room key. He also learns details concerning Greenbraer, the ranch owner the Barnes Gang attacked. Howard Springs is changing, Joe laments.
Shaw has an agreement with Harrison concerning ‘workers’. Harrison pays him for the extra hotel room key. Harrison attacks the women when they are most vulnerable. Shaw spends the rest of the evening with Phanes, the owner of the local opium den. Shaw returns to the hotel to clean up after Harrison, as Harrison has a temper and has, on occasion, killed a woman. Shaw finds Harrison beaten in a shed behind the hotel and is knocked unconscious.
The next morning finds Joe and Barnes riding to meet Olorun. Olorun is man from Paladin’s past. He is also the one who paid the Barnes Gang to attack the ranch. When Joe reveals he hired Paladin, Olorun is surprised. He then shoots Joe in the gut. He takes the time to explain to Joe why he shot him in the gut and why a panful death is best. This mirrors Paladin’s explanation to the kid in the first scene. One of the men riding with Olorun is Zeem.
Meanwhile Paladin is at the scene of the shootout from the beginning of the episode. Crows and flies congregate on the corpses. Shaw is tied up. Shaw’s and Harrison’s scheme is revealed. Shaw begs for his life. Quick glimpses show Harrison being beaten and eventually hanged, by Missy. Paladin tells Shaw his worst sin was the promise of safety and then the betrayal. Shaw tries to tell Paladin he has money and information about the people who bought his hotel. Paladin shoots him in both knees and rides away. The last scene is Missy holding the famous card of Paladin; Have Gun, Will Travel. Wire Paladin. San Francisco.
Thus With A Kiss I Die ScriptErin Walsh, Lee Lee KnepshieldA teenage girl, haunted by memories of a recent tragedy, is visited multiple times by her boyfriend – but he is not what he seems. As the story unfolds and the two continue to meet, a disturbing reality is unveiled about the truth behind this incident that haunts the young girl. 
LadybugZhen Long
A model life Cathie Boruch, Kara FlanaganModels get ready for their day in NYC 
War Cares LittleTom BatemanA disfigured war veteran attempts to rehabilitate himself back into society, however his biggest challenge is seeing his daughter again; a painful reminder of the trauma that haunts him.
The Paper Route
Turn 16, then pay rent or get out – home life is harsh in this brutish family and backwater town. An effort to collect a bill from a customer on his paper route turns dangerous, leading a fifteen-year-old boy to a discovery of a way out, free of his oppressive home life and trap of a small town.  All he has to do is abandon the little brother who worships him.
DevotionLeon McConnellA thirty year old virgin falls in love with a killer on death row and marries him.
The Loser’s ClubJonathan Turner SmithFor years, members of the self-proclaimed “The Loser’s Club” (TLC) have endured the constant “torture” and harassment by some of the most “elite” students in their high school. After a particularly horrendous day of bullying, the members of TLC decide it’s time to put an end to their torment by kidnapping and holding hostage the school’s star quarterback and head cheerleader on the day of the school’s Centennial Homecoming.   The Loser’s Club’s plan, “Operation Get Back,” is about to kick some serious butt!
Bad DayGlenna GoodmanWhen everything goes wrong and a co-worker keeps annoying you, will you be able to get through the day. 
Box of HopeGlenna Goodmanwhat would you do if you hated what is going on to protect a person who you are supposed to hate. 
AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Terror VersionSamuel Lee TaylorA chilling tale of the internal struggles between the forces of good and evil within oneself, and the invisible universe that surrounds us all.
Marvin Tailor, a disciple of God, falls from grace after the traumatic event he experienced as a teenager, and grows up to be a bitter man, who is constantly being tested by forces, ONLY HIS EYES CAN BEHOLD, battling to claim his soul.
It is only after losing all of the intrinsic components that had forged the stability and identity of his adult life, including the trust of his family, that Marvin realizes he has to… stay on his feet, and confront the demons that has terrorized his conscience for years.
During his “time and season,” can Marvin overcome the harrowing trauma of his past… to reclaim his peace and salvation? Or will his discombobulating guilt continue to spew him down the path of his HELL BOUND demise?
A disillusioned builder, troubled by his name, seeks help in a dysfunctional support group, but it’s more of a hindrance than a help.
Mirror ManCameron Clayton UsherA man starts to realise things are different from what he remembers, and finds out he has a living tumor in his head who can take control of his body at night. 
ZitsDavid BornsteinIn Los Angeles, a charming but hard-boiled covert narcissist is doomed by fatal acne when she incurs the evil eye from a mysterious woman
All For YouDawn ReavisA career-driven daughter and her resolute mother clash over conflicting priorities and learn how far they’re willing to go for the sake of love.
ApacheAdam SeidelAn alcoholic cop in a small New Mexican town investigates the murder of a drug trafficker to overcome the guilt he carries from hiding his deceased fathers involvement with a cartel.
Psychopathic Killers
A suspect Kaan Kartal has been brought into the Redcliffe Police Station for questioning on recent Murders of six young girls, labelled the Clothesline Killer. Detective Wayward is leading the investigation. Little does Wayward know, Police Sergeant Murphy Banks is hiding a dark side and Kaan is not who he seems. The station is under attack by these two Psychopaths, who manage to slip through Wayward’s fingers in a puff of smoke.
The Valentine’s Card
Beth had never had a Valentine’s Card and when one plops onto her doormat on February 14th she can’t begin to imagine the day that’s about to unfold.
Eight LegsCate ChristiansenJames is a talented flute player, sexually stunted by his conservative and overbearing father Richard. In preparation for James’ recital, anticipating carnal distractions, Richard reinstitutes a rule forbidding James from closing his bedroom door. James orders a National Geographic special publication on spiders, and begins masturbating to its images, tacitly extricating his sexuality from and standing up to his father. 
Angels DesiredLukas SchejaIn this “Fantastical Mythical Comedy” among the Minotaur-legend, the actress Iznasha, as the protagonist of a film production, dreams of her unknown parents in a living relationship making an impossible film within an ensemble of artistic friends.
IsabellaBen PeddleIsabella lives the perfect life with the man of her dreams, Michael. However, things aren’t as they seem when nosy neighbour, Hannah, begins to ask questions. 
The PegasusRobert Alan WagnerIt’s 2099. Dr. George Gold, a young  trauma surgeon, volunteers his services to help in  UN peacekeeping mission for a war in North Africa. He gets very badly wounded. He loses a leg, and an eye. He’s unconscious. He wakes up aboard The Pegasus, the most powerful space ship ever built. The ship is 750 light years from Earth, but George has no idea how he wound up on the ship, or if he’ll ever see Earth again.
NOT MOVING ONJOHNNY GALVAN 3A commitment-phobic tattoo artist must confront his flaws and fears to fight for his failing relationship before it’s too late
THE HOMECOMINGYoung-Sung ChungSeong-Hyeon is an office worker who is male, early 30s, and be separated from his hometown after high school.
One night, he gets a call from his high school friend, Ki-Tae. They never meet each other after high school graduation. Seong-Hyeon hears the bad news from him that one of his high school friends, Jeong-Hun committed suicide few days ago. 
The next day, Seong-Hyoen goes back to his hometown because he wants to go to offer his condolences to Jeong-Hun’s family in mourning. 
Seong-Hyoen meets some of high school friends including Ki-Tae and Jeong-Hun’s younger sister whom he has not seen in years. 
However, contrary to his expectations, nobody knows the reason or motive of his suicide. They just talk of this, that and the other like their jobs, social issues, and the aging thing and so on.
As time goes on, Seong-Hyeon gets to feel strange and weird more and more by the mood of that day. He becomes more confused and perplexed. 
At that night, he goes to a pub & restaurant with his friends. They chat on and get drunk. 
Unexpectedly, two of his friends who are so drunk fight each other with a little thing. 
After fight, Seong-Hyeon goes to the restroom in the pub & restaurant to wash his face. And then he faces the strange situation that a normal mirror in the restroom turns into the black mirror suddenly. 
At that late night, while he is on the way to go parent’s home, he sleeps in a taxi. And then returns (or attends) the late night when Jeong-Hun committed suicide as like a dream or illusion. 
After Seong-Hyeon awakes from his sleep and gets out of the taxi, he walks along the street in heavy rain. And then, he looks at Black-Suited Man who is male, unclear age with a black fedora under a street light in the pouring rain. Seong-Hyeon passes by Black-Suited Man and Black-Suited Man hangs his head down deeply. Seong-Hyeon slowly walks in the rain, shivering. It rains harder on the street on and on.
StetsonAndrew Carl StewartLeft for dead after an air disaster, a loving father battles the side of himself he hopes his children never see.
BarthScott Marshall TaylorA sheriff in mysterious small town struggles to replace his deceased brother.
Shapes and ColoursCraig FordIn the harshest conditions, there is always a little bit of hope.
“Shapes and Colours” is a powerful and emotionally charged short film set in the harrowing backdrop of Auschwitz during World War II.
With no hope in site a ‘pink triangle’ inmate allows his mind to wander as he begins to fall in love from a far with a fellow ‘Yellow Star’ inmate.
This short film serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the ability of love to transcend even the bleakest of situations. “Shapes and Colours” is a touching and profound story that will leave audiences with a sense of hope and a deep appreciation for the enduring power of love, even in the face of the darkest of times.
OrigamiKayleb LeeA lost soul’s repetitive existence finds purpose when guided by an enigmatic Spirit and the delicate art of origami in a journey of healing, growth, and the unbreakable connection between the past and present.
I Swiped the Wrong OneJoe FishelA movie within the The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro feature film, I Swiped the Wrong One is meant to be a movie on the fictional Rom-Com Network in the full length movie. The film is the story of four people who discover dating in the physical world is much different than dating online. Their first dates begin and end in ways that they did not anticipate.
CessnaMichael LewisA selfish socialite had to get home.  A bitter, alcoholic pilot didn’t want to fly.  A routine flight over the mountains becomes a crash course on inner strength as they both have to fight for their own survival. 
The priory of Sion published  by editions  edilivre in france Cazebon-Taveau Cazebon-Taveau Cazebon-TaveauThe  treasure of templars    of abbe  Sauniere  and  of abbey Boudet of Rennes of Castle in France  with   the priory  of  Sion , the Graal of templars ,mediums and historical    people against   ennemy   Brouillard society 
From Homeless to HollywoodShaneen Charese BonnerThe Script depicts the story of Shaneen Bonner being homeless in Los Angeles to becoming a business owner in the music business.
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Monsters
Lead by Benjamin Franklin, the founding fathers (George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson) band together to investigate the supernatural and slay monsters that are threatening America as they struggle for independence from England.
Dead Bird 邢潇文

Beyond The Summer Of Love Michael DuncanA story of Jack and his two friends Amy and Darryl. Growing up in Brooklyn via juvenile hall, Woodstock and a roadie job in Max’s Kansas City tells the story of Jack’s descent into addiction.
Ghost Town Ghouls carol del marTwo sex workers escape their violent flop house in St. Louis for a life of crime, ghosts and self discovery. 
MOKSHASaurin LakhiaIn the late 22nd century, a queer Indian-American man uses Hindu psychedelic science to lead humanity to its new interstellar home. But he must first confront his past after receiving a dark message from a dying Earth involving his long-estranged mother and her mass ritual suicide cult.
BluegrassKyle Robert ClaytonAfter a series of increasingly public personal crises, a former golf prodigy finds himself relegated to an eccentric amateur tour where he must re-prove his talent while also trying to wrangle his chaotic personal life.
Bastion (Script)Justin John Kapr, Favio Carlo De La BrenaA college student suffering from memory loss discovers that he is on the verge of a major, scientific breakthrough, but he soon finds out that the one thing he’s been searching for is the one thing he’s been trying to forget.
The Shadow of DharmaMark PerlickA wounded paraplegic war veteran attempts to use the Ancient Vedic knowledge to heal herself despite her doctor’s attempt to see the medical reality of her injury.

Nominee We Script Competition 2023:

Project TitleSynopsisWriters
Righteous Side of HellDisenchanted with life, Tommy sees a job opportunity with the CIA as his only chance to make a difference, after numerous years spent experiencing the horrors of war during his service. This job demands of him and his elite team to stay undercover and under the radar of the largest prison gangs in California, alongside mob, bikers and his sister an LAPD Detective.Lee Lucero
Logion 100 Episode 1 27.11.2022Homeless alcohol, nicotine and drug addicts live under the S-Bahn bridge at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. On the way to my fitness center, I saw them sleeping and using drugs there. As a filmmaker, I wanted to take a closer look at it and learn about the reasons why they lead such a life. One of my protagonists lives in the same house as me and has himself admitted to psychiatry. His apartment has been cleared and he is now being looked after by social workers after his treatment. It is a visual attempt to find out the reasons why the protagonists got into this difficult life situation. In addition, the recordings are permeated by the attempt to show spiritual connections with reference to the law of cause and effect. At the end of the documentary, almost all of the protagonists have disappeared and the place at Kottbuser Tor has been cleared. The reasons for this are not known and would be a topic for new documentation. They have broken up and contact with them is no longer possible. Today I assume that they have been accommodated and are well looked after. There are reasons for this assumption that are not dealt with in the documentation. It was not only my goal to make a documentary but also to make sure that they get help. At the moment it looks like I’ve succeeded. Since my films have only been known to my friends so far, I have now made the decision to bring the last of my films to the public. All films are aids to reflection, have a therapeutic effect and increase the ability to mentalize. Working on this documentation gave me several insights, among other things. The experience of emotions is considered to be the origin from which mentalization can ultimately grow. Based on the hypothesis that infants do have emotional expressions but do not have a differentiated awareness or experience of their emotional states, early affect mirroring is ascribed a central role. The ability to mentalize enables one to think about oneself and about the assumed inner life of other people. Different perspectives are recognized, and false beliefs are incorporated into oneself and other. 
Gerhard Muff
The Happy StatueThe story of a bronze statue with a strong pose that inspires many on a daily basis. One day, a little girl notices that the statue is hiding how it truly feels and she decides to do something to help him out. After a while, a construction crew brings a new item to the park, but what is it?Curt Fulster
Inside Of MeJudean Montgomery never thought that an unexpected conversation with her only son would help her to realize she suffered from depression. After years of mental abuse from the people she depended on the most, Judean accepted disappointments and feeling unloved as a norm. What will it take to finally get the happiness she deserves back into her life? Wendy Shipman
Inside Of MeJudean Montgomery never thought that an unexpected conversation with her only son would help her to realize she suffered from depression. After years of mental abuse from the people she depended on the most, Judean accepted disappointments and feeling unloved as a norm. What will it take to finally get the happiness she deserves back into her life? Wendy Shipman
Red Scooter DiariesThis short documentary highlights one woman’s determination to rise above the challenges of a rare disease to live with purpose. As she adventures on her red scooter through stunning landscapes, the narration tells the story of what living with the progressive disease is teaching her and those around her about the human condition.
Claire Szabo-Cassella
White LiesA group of teenagers live a normal life navigating school and relationships, but when their parents disappear in a mysterious plane crash they soon find out their small town of Juniper Island is not what it seems. Elizabeth Catherine Maskol
Since You Left UsCARMEN (65) arrives at KATIE’S (70) house to pick her up to go grocery shopping.  The car ride to the grocery store turns out to be a bumpy one because of Carmen’s driving and Katie’s bad mood.  Katie, whose husband died a year ago, is cranky and out of it which leads Carmen to believe that she might be suffering from dementia.  She also is worried that Stella, Katie’s daughter, is taking advantage of her friend being that she has sold Katie’s car and has not given her any money from the sale.  A few days after their trip to the grocery store, concerned about Katie, Carmen asks her husband Guy to drive  her to Katie’s house, after their day at the garden center, just to make sure she is alright.  A strange message from Stella, Katie’s daughter, has prompted Carmen to check up on her.   Carmen is blissfully married to Guy, an Irish businessman who has recently retired and is looking forward to spending their golden years together.  They have planned to spend the day together and go to the garden center to buy some plants for Guy to plant in his garden with Pietro, his five year old grandson.  At Carmen’s request, due to her concern for her friend Katie, Guy will drive Carmen by Katie’s house after they leave the garden center just to make sure  everything is okay and to bring her a bouquet of flowers.  As they approach the house, Carmen sees a for sale sign on the front lawn.  This is strange to her because Katie never mentioned her intention to sell the house.  Since Katie does not answer the door, Carmen leaves the flowers on the front porch and they leave. Carmen and Guy, who enjoy spending time with their family, have invited them to come over for dinner.  Their daughter, LUCIA VICTORIA (35) arrives at their house with her German husband MAGNUS (38) and their children PIETRO (5) and VALENTINA (5 months) and their son HENRY (32) with his partner NATHANIEL (35).  They gather in the terrace where Guy can be seen walking around the garden with his grandson who shares his love for gardening.  Carmen and Lucia Victoria are caught up in the planning of Guy’s 70th birthday party.  They all spend the afternoon enjoying each other’s company. At the community center, Carmen and her friend Valerie (68) are at a knitting class.  Their teacher (72) asks them if they have heard from Katie who has not been to class for some time.  Worried that something might be wrong with her, Carmen offers to go by her house because she has not returned any of their calls.  After class, Carmen and Valerie go to lunch together.  During their conversation over lunch, Carmen learns that Valerie not only has lost her husband tragically, but also a teenage daughter.   Carmen goes to check up on Katie who does not answer the door nor her calls.  She is now getting the feeling that something is definitely wrong.  She walks around the house and enters when she sees that the kitchen door is open.  As she walks through the messy house, she suspects that something bad has indeed happened and calls her husband and the police.  The police does confirm that there has been some kind of struggle and urge her to file a missing persons report at the police station. In the meantime, STELLA (40) and KEVIN (38) have kidnapped Katie and brought her to their house.  They argue over what to do with Katie is unconscious and unresponsive due to Kevin hitting her on her head with a lamp.  Stella can’t get her to wake up so that they can the information of her bank account  in order to retrieve her money.  The arguing and fighting intensifies after Stella informs Kevin that her mother’s friend Carmen has left a message on Katie’s cell phone letting her know that she will be calling the police if she doesn’t call her back soon.  Kevin goes crazy and tells Stella she need to bury her mother.  Being she refuses to do such a thing, he gets aggressive with her.  He threatens to leave, packs his bag and takes his gun to the kitchen leaving it on the table.  Stella gets a hold of the gun and points it at him.  When she refuses to give him the gun back, the struggle goes into the hallway and living room.  As they are struggling, the gun goes off and shoots Kevin in the leg.  As she passes Katie who is laying on the sofa of the living room, she leave the gun on the coffee table and runs to the kitchen.  When she returns to the living room, Kevin grabs her by the throat and begins to choke her.  All of a sudden, they hear Katie’s voice who tells Kevin to let go of her.  As he turns to look at her, she is pointing the gun at him.  He releases Stella’s neck who takes one look at the fireplace poker, grabs it and starts hitting Kevin on the head with it.  Katie tells her to stop and Kevin drops to the floor unconscious.  Stella runs to her mother and begs for her forgiveness and to not leave her, but instead, Katie calls Carmen to come and pick her up. It is Guy’s 70th birthday/Halloween party.  Their  family and friends have gathered to celebrate him.  Carmen and Guy, as well as their family and guests gather around the cake to sign happy birthday.  After Carmen and Guy hit the dance floor for their special dance, they are joined by everyone else. Valerie has prepared a farewell dinner and has invited a few guest to her house.  Carmen and Katie arrive together.  They are in awe of Valerie’s beautiful home.  Also arriving are Penelope and Enrique, a widow and widower who have met Valerie at the grief support group.  Having prepared a wonderful feast for them, Valerie asks them to join her in the dinning room for dinner.  She expresses her gratitude for these loving friends who have been with her through her bereavement process and that it is time for her to return to back to France.  They are all very sad to see her go.  After saying their goodbyes, Carmen and Katie head home.  Carmen tries to reach her husband, but he does not answer the phone. The house is dark when she arrives.  She enters their bedroom and hears the water in the bathroom running.  When she enters, she finds her husband laying on the bathroom floor and hurries to his side.  Being he is not breathing, she frantically calls 911 and returns to perform CPR on him. Henry and Carmen are at the funeral home trying to select a coffin for Guy.  The selection process is so difficult for them that they can’t come to a decision.  Carmen is totally out of it and Henry is struggling to keep it together.  He finally succumbs to his grief and leaves Carmen alone in the office alone to go outside to cry. The suffering is just unbearable for Carmen.  She has lost the love of her life and is totally devastated.  She spends day and night in so much pain, not being able to cope with her loss, that she wishes she could also die to be with Guy.  Then one night she goes on a drinking binge in order to numb her pain that she ends up collapsing.  Henry finds her laying on the grass in the garden where she has collapsed and calls for help. At Dr. Najimi’s office, Carmen weeps as her physician is prescribing medicines for depression and lack of sleep.  She recommends Carmen to seek grief counseling, a grief support group and meditation.  Also, the doctor is concerned that Carmen might be suicidal and confronts her about this.  Of course, Carmen will not admit to it because she knows her doctor will send her to the hospital. Attempting to follow doctor’s orders, Carmen goes to the community center and tries to attend a  grief support group.  After being in the meeting for a short time, she runs out, gets in her car where she screams, bangs the steering well and sobs uncontrollably. Lucia Victoria and Henry have been summoned to the house to meet with their mother.  She announces that after almost a year of Guy’s death, she will be selling the house and spending a few months with Valerie in France in order to sort her life out.  Lucia Victoria supports her decision, but Henry opposes it.  He feels that she is running away from them when they are also hurting and that she is not considering their feelings.  That they are also having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that their father is gone and life will never be the same.  Carmen emphasizes that in order for her to go on living and survive this imposed widowhood, she must get out of the house where the memories of her late husband overwhelm her and are stalling her healing process.  Henry does not want to hear any more of this and decides to walk out of the house while Lucia Victoria supports her mother’s decision. At Valerie’s beach house, Carmen and Valerie are enjoying a drink before they go back to the house to get pampered for a night out.  They are excited about leaving the next day to go on a cruise around the Greek Isles.  They pack their things and head back to the house.  After being pampered and looking beautiful, they meet downstairs where Valerie offers her a glass of champagne before they leave to out to dinner.  Carmen mentions that she has not been able to get a hold of her family and that perhaps they have forgotten her birthday.  When Valerie opens the dinning room doors, a loud roar is heard.  Lucia Victoria, Magnus, Pietro, Valentina, Henry, Nathaniel and Katie shout excitedly surprise, happy birthday.  Carmen is speechless to see them all there.  They all hug and kiss and toast Carmen’s birthday and the announcement of a baby for Henry and Nathaniel with champagne and cheers.  Katie was able to get away from Stella which has happily surprised Carmen.  Valerie take a moment to update them on Carmen’s grieving process and the improvements she has made during her stay.  Pietro tells his grandmother that he misses his grandpa and would like to see his garden in heaven.  Taking a moment for a family picture, they all gather together for Valerie to snap the magical reunion of love and celebration. Feeling joyful, Carmen walks to a window, looks up at the sky and thanks Guy for making this happen while Pietro walks over and stands next to her looking out to the sky and sea.María Elena González
Rosie the rapper & friendsIn ‘Rosie the Rapper and Friends’, a spirited 9-year-old girl named Rosie, along with her diverse group of musically talented friends, discovers a hidden chamber in their school where magical instruments come to life, leading them on enchanting adventures to save their beloved music class through creativity, unity, and the power of music. Joining Rosie in her adventures is a diverse and dynamic group of friends, each bringing their unique background and musical talent to the ensemble. There’s Hunter, a 9-year-old black Nigerian boy, whose fingers dance across piano keys, creating melodies that resonate with the soul of every tune he plays. Hunter often emerges as the voice of reason, bringing balance and perspective to the group. Muhammad, a Middle Eastern trombone player, faces his own set of challenges due to a disability. But with unyielding resilience, he shows that music knows no barriers, turning his trombone into a vessel of expressive and captivating sounds. Daisy, a white, blond girl who doesn’t let her wheelchair confine her spirit, adds a touch of elegance and grace to the group with her harp. She redefines what it means to dance, moving with her instrument in perfect harmony. Frankie, a 9-year-old drummer, infuses the group with energy and humor. His quick wit and lively beats are a constant reminder of the joy and spontaneity of childhood. The ensemble is led by Mr. Lee, the supportive headteacher at Chester School of Music, who believes in the power of music to bring people together and to inspire change. The discovery of a magical world of talking musical instruments within their school marks the beginning of extraordinary adventures for Rosie and her friends. These instruments are not just tools for creating melodies; they crack jokes, play pranks, and even offer sage advice, courtesy of a wise old violin. This magical realm becomes a backdrop for a series of whimsical escapades, teaching the children valuable life lessons. As the series progresses, Rosie and her friends learn about an impending challenge: their beloved music class is in jeopardy. The group must come together to stage the most epic, laughter-filled, and heartwarming concert to save their class. The journey to this concert is filled with trials and triumphs, as each character learns to harness their unique backgrounds and talents. “Rosie the Rapper and Friends” dances through a melody of fun, challenges, diversity, and empowerment. This female-led ensemble is a vibrant testament to the power of music, friendship, and the belief that adversity can be overcome with humor, unity, and a chorus of supportive friends. It’s a series that not only entertains but also educates and inspires, teaching every child that their voice is powerful and their dreams are valid, regardless of the challenges they may face.Donia Youssef
Above What CostThe mental health journey of young men suffering from their past and a near-death experience as they try to find closure and redeem their future Azeriah P.B Payne, Lucian Sylvester
Venom HustleVenom Hustle is a Vampire tale with a twist. When two siblings are dropped off to their house to find out that they have been victimized by vampires. They turn their pain into revenge now the hunters of humans have become their prey!Diallo Frazier
Libras (Pilot)Logline: A story about fraternal twin sisters growing up in Harlem NY; both girls are very different in every possible way; but it’s their differences that unite them together, rather than divide them apart.Levi Wise – Kenneth Catoe Jr.
Robot AsteroidA secret space mission to a bizarre asteroid brings  a plague to an Earth suffering from war, hyper inflation and a looming ice age.Paul May
Lobby Card Pilot: Some Fabulous RhapsodyDynamic This is Us meets Nurse Ratched limited streamer, in which distressed, relapsed actress checks into what she thinks is a swank Riviera hotel only to discover that it’s actually a featureless Calabasas rehab center. Her advanced dependencies have altered her reality to the point where she can no longer discern between what’s fantasy and imagination, and what’s not and, against this backdrop, she begins the rocky road back to sobriety, confronting and battling demons to get to the still point of her life.Tom Morgan
ANIMAL MESSENGER – A True Story“ANIMAL MESSENGER” is the true story about a woman who communicates telepathically with a variety of animals including Keiko the orca whale after his starring role in the movie, “Free Willy.”  Despite a gallant attempt to return Keiko to the wild, Lisa struggles to help Keiko be heard and convince his caretakers that Keiko does not want to be set free.Bonnie Norton
The Combat Art CollectiveA rough-around-the-edges world traveler moves back to his suburban home town to open a martial arts gym, but is antagonized by a local government official who owns a gym of his own.Baron Rotza
St. CoterieMob boss and fifth grader Pete Demaggio rules his grade at St. Anthony’s, a private Catholic elementary school in northern New Jersey. At the start of the school year, Pete and his goonies have a plan to climb the St. Anthony’s social ladder and rule not only the fifth grade, but the whole school. Things are looking good for the gang until Pete’s archival, Maria, moves into town. Jodi Norton
IN THE NAMEA priest gets re-assigned from a big city church to a small town church. After arriving, he is attacked by a vampire. By night he is now a vampire and by day he is still a priest. The demands of his new church are overwhelming but pale in comparison to his new ongoing desire and thirst for blood and new victims while trying to keep it all on the down low. Jerome Cleary
AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Alternative HorrorA chilling tale of the internal struggles between the forces of good and evil within oneself, and the invisible universe that surrounds us all. 
Marvin Tailor, a disciple of God, falls from grace after the traumatic even he experienced as a teenager, and grows up to be a bitter man who is constantly being tested by forces, ONLY HIS EYES CAN BEHOLD, battling to claim his soul.
It is only after losing all of the intrinsic components that had forged the stability and identity of his adult life, including the trust of his family, that Marvin realizes he has to… stay on his feet, and confront the demons that has terrorized his conscience for years.
During his “time and season” can Marvin overcome the harrowing trauma of his past… to reclaim his peace and salvation? Or will his intense rage and resentment continue to spew him down the path of his HELL BOUND demise?

Samuel Taylor
Handsome StrangerMaya, tired from work, is eating a bucket of chicken when she suddenly spots the most handsome stranger she’s ever seen on the subway. A series of scenarios rush into her mind as she gathers the power to speak to him. maya akra
The Tales of Florensia _ Animated TV Pilot and TreatmentThe series follows Siriol, a young orphan autistic girl who sets off on a journey to explore the fantasy world of Florensia, as well as save its wildlife. 
Siriol is accompanied with a Tizzi-Bubble (a sea-horse dragonfly) as her travelling companion, and she slowly begins to grow a group of friends; Kathryn and Jean – twin siblings from a foster family, and Taliesin – a physician who acts as Siriol’s guardian carer and tutor.
Using an old mysterious map, she goes across the four Season Realms of Florensia (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) to encounters fanatical creatures like faeries, elves, trolls and gopher-dwarves. But on her journey, she will learn to discover her personal purpose to the world, as well as a possibility of who her father is.
Matthew Lee, Chris Burns
Charli Logline: Rae, your typical college student, lives a double life as a rising rap artist named Charli. Charli constantly tries to conceal her identity from the public as Rae desperately wants to maintain a normal life in her 20s. 
SYNOPSIS: This dramedy series follows Rae Scott, a California Hills University student juggling a double life as a rising rap musician named Charli, an alter ego she adopted so she could maintain her identity while finishing school. After living a traumatic childhood being the daughter of famous musician “Lisa Scott”, Rae, now haunted with flashback memories of the stress fame brought to the Scott family, is hesitant to join the music industry. Episodes deal with both the ups and downs of responsibility and college life, while also focusing on the added complexities of her secret rap identity, and the changes fame inevitably brings. Keeping the two worlds of Charli and Rae separate constantly feels impossible. But with the help of close family and friends, Rae always seems to find a way.
Amber Lauren Jones
JusticeNewport Beach, California, early morning. Benjamin (25), a rich and successful young man, goes jogging through the quiet streets of his new hometown. At the same time, the mysterious transient Winston (50), walks along a deserted beach.
Benjamin and Winston arrive at the same bench on the shore. Jasmine (24), Benjamin’s pregnant wife, sits at the bench with their dog, Max.
From the conversation between Benjamin and Jasmine, Winston realizes that the young couple is going to a dog show and their dog needs to be groomed, but groomer is not answering their calls.
Benjamin runs to the parking lot to call a new groomer.
Winston approaches the lonely Jasmine, and strikes up a conversation. He offers to groom their dog, revealing a pair of scissors. Jasmine is alarmed. An annoyed Winston walks away, towards the parking lot.
Jasmine calls Benjamin to warn him about the man with the pair of scissors. Benjamin starts the car to go pick up Jasmine, but when he starts backing out of the spot, he feels a bump. He gets out of the car and sees Winston lying behind the wheels. Benjamin calls the police and his lawyer.
Suddenly Winston gets up, theatrically groans and starts calling for the police. Benjamin wants to solve the problem and offers Winston money. Winston is angry that his life was valued so low, and snatches the wallet out of Benjamin’s hands. He starts to run away, but Benjamin quickly catches up with him.
At this moment, Jasmine, with Max, comes running to the car spot. She sees the altercation between Benjamin and Winston. Winston asks Benjamin to let him go, but Benjamin doesn’t want to give up his wallet. He grabs Winston to take the wallet back, but Winston stabs Benjamin in the neck with the scissors.
Winston runs away, and Benjamin dies in front of his pregnant wife. The cops that Benjamin called finally arrive, but it’s too late. Time passes. Jasmine mourns her husband in the mausoleum, and Winston sits unharmed in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard with a cheeky grin. Next to him sits a dog and a cardboard sign: Dog Grooming.
iurii Sumaneev
HERitageA hair salon owner, Roxie receives an inheritance from her Aunt Mandy in the winter of her 36th year. A Chinese usher, Tina, finally breaks with her family when she turns 36.Roxie and Tina, because of this inheritance, have a way back and they are able to start their lives over again because it is HERitage.Xiangxi Kong
First PrizeThis is the tale of a young pianist with big dreams, whose quest for glory and fulfillment brings her up against intrigue, sexual harassment, and the tough realities of building a career in a cutthroat world. A drama wrapped in a comedy, with easy-on-the-ear music, it’s a story for everybody—especially for women who try to balance ambition, love, independence, and tradition. Essentially a director’s piece, the screenplay offers brilliant roles for actors 25-60.Israela Margalit
Sam & The Quests of the Magic InkWhen Sam’s family moves across the country, she spends the summer locked in her room writing stories instead of embracing her new life. Having left all her friends behind, Sam is convinced her 6th grade year is going to suck… until the moment her stories begin to come to life.Steph Kowal
WishboneThree teenage boys run away from home to fulfill a suicide pactZoe Katrina Stone
ELEMENTARY, DEAR WATSON, HE’S A VAMPIRE!It’s the match of the century when two iconic characters-and one trusty sidekick- face off in this delightfully dark drawing room comedy set in jolly ol’ England.   Multi-award-winning playwright, Kevin M. Glover, expertly blends the worlds of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with the works of Bram Stoker to create a monster mash-up you won’t want to miss!
When the S.S. Demeter washes ashore the English coast with all aboard dead, world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his flappable flatmate Dr. Watson are summoned to solve its mystery, eventually coming to blows with the disaster’s sole survivor: Count Dracula.    Join the ghoulish fun as the super sleuth unravels his biggest, non-mystery ever!
Kevin M Glover
Uptown SantosA young boy is influenced by the charismatic yet ruthless acts of his uncle, a powerful figure in the city’s underworld, who struggles with an insatiable thirst for power and an unwavering loyalty to his family.Jonathan Ramirez
Cortland ParkwayWhen neighbors move into the new Cortland Parkway development, they quickly find themselves entangled in secrets, seduction, and scandal in suburbia.Joseph Anthony Francis