We Script Competition Official Selection

Official Selection 2022:

SACRED SUN‘Out of horror, belief.’
A horrific animal experiment carried out by the military at a solar energy plant in the southern deserts of North America sets off a series of strange, ominous events.
Michael Louis Gould
Soul Survivors – An Obsession Of The Heart Part OneIs it coincidence or fate when the only woman he ever loved unexpectedly appears after he ran away fifteen years earlier. A   man  must confront  regrets he has always carried of running away from the only true love of his life.  Adam Poulos
Blood Splattered PearlsAfter a deadly altercation with her abuser, Darla Bates flees the city and seeks solace at her beloved grandmother’s home in rural Texas. Between church, homemade pies and poker, she soon discovers that murder runs in her blood and the pecan grove knows how to keep a secret. Shanna Riker
Kate’s BalladThis is a play within a play within a play where two actors grapple with their feelings for one another through the text’s ambiguity.Rory O’Connor
No AddressA group of homeless people bond together as a family, struggling to survive the streets while fending off a harassing gang, an unforgiving community and the local authorities in hopes of finding their humanity again.Julia Verdin, James Papa
Moral TrialAn old man is on trail for war crimes, when he shares the truth, it will shock everyone, mostly his accuser.Tyrel Haight
Hall MonitorWhen a nerdy middle schooler assumes the role of hall monitor, he transcends into popularity; but being cool just might be too heavy a mass to balance.Kyle Jordan
Friendship, Honor, and MurderThree young boys swear to an oath of friendship and honor; years later, one of them breaks the oath — now someone must die. Giacomo Giammatteo
Elevator PitchA desperate writer must pitch his idea to a big time producer, before reaching the top floor.Charles Williams
Desperately Seeking SikhA self-absorbed American woman, desperate to land the corporate job of her dreams tries to gain an advantage over her competition. She understands the hiring manager is Punjabi and decides to immerse herself in learning the language and culture over a 5-day period. She hires a traditional Punjabi Sikh to live with her and winds up receiving more than just an education.Mariella Spagnolo
I’m Coming

DaddyA gruff Australian beef farmer attempts to mend the broken relationships in his life, until an incident sees him revert to his violent old ways. 
A gruff, rural Australian beef farmer longs to see his family, after his wife leaves him and claims custody over his children. He spirals into drunken oblivion, until he meets a young, indigenous bartender, who inspires him pull to his life together. Things in his new relationship eventually go south, which sees him revert to his violent old ways, attacking his ex-wife and kidnapping his children. Later, she exacts her revenge, shooting him in the stomach with his 12-gauge shotgun.
Indy Davies
FaithfulBlack ash, lava, the crust of the planet, flames, lightning – all in a calamity – spew a mile upwards, and a concentric circle of invisible death speeds out from the center, flattening everything in its path.
A movie star, who had recently gained fame and admiration at the expense of his family, takes refuge in a cave when the super volcano erupts. He emerges from the shelter to traverse a dark, brutal world and must decide to search for his family or continue to seek fame. 

Windy CityWINDY CITY tells the thrilling story of the rival Mancini and Caruso families and their friends living in Chicago.Joseph Anthony Francis
Nursery Crimes Animation is, by far the densest medium of storytelling; it is not hindered by style, colours, sound, and imagination. Infact, imagination and freedom of thought become the primary driving forces of this magical medium of art. While engaged in the making of live-action cinema that are concentrated heavily with fantastical elements, filmmakers find it difficult to naturally blend in the supernatural within a world filled with characters from our plane of existence. With animation, however, talking animals can be made to seem natural when put appropriately in a well-defined environment. Charles Kline’s world is one of sorrow, devastation, and darkness; however, the true uniqueness of his world lies in the direct juxtaposition of nursery rhymes, with visuals that are out of a child’s nightmares.Charles Kline
I love you I got you A couple’s relationship is tested under the duress of the man’s consuming depression.Gary Taylor
GrimoireDonovan Smith
Hanging Buddy A female-to-male transgender patient is stunned when the newly-attached male organ begins speaking its own mind.John Kestner
Santa Quits Christmas An old man is on trail for war crimes, when he shares the truth, it will shock everyone, mostly his accuseClay Ivy
H.E.R.AAlaa Fleilel
Into The NightAfter years away, a woman returns home, not to visit friends, but to unravel the past. During her time there, she reunites with an old friend and convinces him to help her take vengeance on those who hurt her.Levi Elizaga/Jessica Sanders
Anemoia In 2061, a woman obsessed with the past finds the digital memories of a man who was obsessed with the future and falls in love with his avatar but when she discovers that he seemingly died in an accident, it feels like the end – or is it?Zach Karem
W.A.L.L.D Johnny Ray Gill
EscalationWhen a friend reaches out to him to confront him about his past promises, Chris has to decide what kind of person he is inside, or it may just eat him…alive.Christian Kang Bachini

Official Selection 2021 :

All for One and One for All, Slovenia
The Dealer on Campus, Australia
Who is waiting for GODOT, Kuwait
Scarecrow, Turkey
Diegesis, Peru
Utopia Of The Outraged, Chile
Rán, Iceland
Audenie, Germany
An Étude in Art,Ireland
Another conversation, Lebanon
Saucy Toinha, Brazil
Messages from Venice, Italy
Three Teaspoons Of Sugar, South Africa
Do Not Cross Me, Sweeden
Creatures of my nights, France
MYOPIA, el Salvador
I have nothing but you right now, Italy
Dust, Italy
An attempt, Lebanon
To kill a memory, Lebanon
“Flik Flok” Dir. Angeliki Pardalidou Greece Drama
“Shadow and Souls” Dir. Judith Foster Thompson CA.& AZ.
“The Sylph” Dir. James Alire and Joy Ludwig AZ.

Official Selection 2019: