Benedetta by Paul Verhoeven film review

In simple words, Verhoeven is a master provocateur who knows exactly what he’s doing. His recent work, Benedetta, is a convoluted act of religious blasphemy, sexual liberation and broken systems that can not be ignored.

It is an eventful story with a provocative narrative. It tackles important topics such as devotion, faith and sexual desires in a polarizing manner. Simply, It is an erotic celebration of the soul and the body.

The titular Benedetta is fiercely portrayed by Belgian actress virginie Efira whom effectively delivered a euphoric performance that transcends sexual ecstasy. With her stern facial expressions and delicate body movements, Efira will encapsulate you with a performance that can only be described as miraculous. 

It truly is a unique piece of work that juxtapose simple cinematographic techniques with a vibrant color palette in order to convey its messages. This, alongside the narrative, has birthed an intoxicating atmosphere that cannot be escaped.

Benedetta may not have been one hundred percent true to its questionable source material, yet it still is a fascinating piece of cinema that holds some essence of the truth.

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