Le Poussin et Les Sourcils.

There comes a time when films transcend social norms to deliver harsh truths that are polarizing but must be told. One of these films is “Le Poussin et Les Sourcils.”

With very simple cinematography and a socially nihilistic storyline, this film easily blurred the line between the forbidden and accepted, giving us, the viewers, a glimpse into a society plagued with secrets and hopelessness.

The physical performance of Joseph Maroun is merely a story within a story. His expressions, lurking gaze, and body movements told a story of unease and concern, as well as fulfillment and pleasure.

His costar Joy Frem’s subdued emotional act is masterfully translated. Their comprehensive and bare commitment was remarkable, making the story both irresistible and challenging to follow.

It’s a difficult film to watch given its heavy and controversial content, but it’s reality reshaped and retold in a raw, unrestricted manner.

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