Netflix Sweet Tooth Series Review

With an apocalyptic premise and a creative concept, Netflix’s Sweet Tooth is a surprising gem of hope and sincerity.

Blurring the lines of surrealism and sci-fi contexts, the show’s inventive storyline serves as one of its strongest assets.

Putting aside the predictability factor, it still managed to provide gratifying interpretations regarding a wide range of topics such as celebrating differences and the power of unrestricted love!

The show’s narrative is an intertwined web of mildly complicated subplots, all existing simultaneously. Each episode was constructed with an undeniable style of curiosity. As a spectator, I was beyond fascinated with this exceptionally mesmeric universe.

But it does not stop here. Sweet Tooth, if anything, is a thorough character study. Similarly, to the show’s narrative, the characters were written to appeal to any audience. The creation of these one-of-a-kind characters who were interpreted through allegories and symbolic gestures is a genius move.

Christian Convery was simply spectacular as the titular “Sweet Tooth”. His innocent appearances combined with his character’s sincere intentions created one of the most lovable characters I have seen recently. Nonso Anozie and Stefania LaVie Owen were also incredible alongside Convery.

The show is an explosion of beautiful colors, exotic CGI – and mood-altering score – that was shot using special cinematographic techniques that tied everything up nicely!

Sweet Tooth did an amazing job creating a visually appealing universe that has an equally fascinating concept and source material. The show’s futuristic and apocalyptic approach guarantee an exceptional experience filled with warmth and intrigue.

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