Netflix’s The Sandman by Iain Smith

Netflix’s The Sandman is by far one of the best shows to grace us this year, with its intertwining storylines, otherworldly cinematography, and dream-inducing soundtrack.

The plot is straightforward and easy to follow. The interconnected plots and interwoven actions and sequences made things more exciting for us viewers.

This show has a poetic feel to it. The biblical allusion, combined with the show’s fantasma essence, created a vortex of dreamlike experiences worthy of our attention.

The characters are all well-developed, with reasonable motivations, dreams, and nightmares. The Sandman is a master at creating multifaceted personas that perfectly personify humanity at its worst and best. Characters who blend the fine lines that separate good from evil and right from wrong.

Tom Sturridge is one of the best candidates to play The Sandman. His tone of voice and facial expressions are enthralling to watch. Gwendoline Christie was also a perfect Lucifer, with perhaps the show’s best and most poetic scene.

The cinematography is captivating and innovative, adding a fantasy layer to an already fantastic show.

The only flaw that prevents me from giving this show a perfect score is the lack of extreme darkness and brutality. Things could have been made more complicated and disturbing. That would have made this a truly exceptional Netflix creation.

Nonetheless, The Sandman remains a supernatural dream of fate, desire, and, ultimately, death.

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