OuterEye by Hanaa Ojeil Film Review

OuterEye is possibly one of the most exhilarating and stimulating experiences that I have witnessed lately. It has an eccentric and goth-like feeling that corresponds so well with its brilliant and enchanting story.

The almost non-existent dialog was abundant with figurative interpretations and vivid metaphors. The beauty of this short film is that it can be interpreted infinitely, and it possesses a universal language that surpasses its own limitations and restrictions!!

Nour Yazbeck’s communicative body language and facial expressions narrated a story full of despair and suffering. And Walid Feghaly’s strict yet caring performance was hauntingly beautiful!!

Hors D’Oeil, with its diverse set of themes explored and countless interpretations has the ability to hypnotize its audience and oblige them to take part in a 19 minutes life changing adventure!

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