The power of the dog by Jane Campion film review

A gorgeous, gloomy tale of oppressed desires, Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog is a brutal character-study with devastating consequences.

With repression, sexuality and toxic masculinity as its main themes, The Power of the Dog’s story was representative in more ways than one. It is a symbolic exploration of the human psyche that is sure to hit you in the guts.

The film is intricately told through master class performances from its main cast. Benedict Cumberbatch and Kodi Smith-McPhee’s delivered poignant performances with an understated homoerotic tone. Each glare and body movement transformed into a poignant voyage of envy and torment while the entire ensemble accurately personified their intricate characters.

The Power of the Dog is a film that can be interpreted in multiple ways. The beautiful cinematography seamlessly reflected the characters’ emotional states and secret longings. The camera is always placed to give you either the biggest punch or incite your emotions in the right spot.

Director Campion has crafted a subtle and intelligent revenge drama that slowly builds its power until it eventually becomes one of the most devastating films of the year. The Power of the Dog is truly an intense masterpiece with countless interpretations.

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