The Woman In The Window by Joe Wright Film Review

Though occasionally energetic and curious,The Woman in the Window ultimately failed living up to its earlier expectations.

Credits be given, this film has an appealing premise which could have resulted in over-the-top shocks and surprises. Nonetheless, its actual implementation was messy with too many overlapping sequences. The general sense of the film felt perplexing and indecisive.

On the contrary, the film’s sharpest aspect was its personalities. Each persona was smartly shaped with so many variations which actually kept me invested. Their overall evolution throughout the film was a fascinating spectacle to witness.

Amy Adams was undoubtedly a magnificent addition. She instilled her character with a sufficient amount of complexity tokeep things going. Fred Hechinger also delivered a surprisingly captivating performance.

In addition, the film’s cinematography, dim color palette and little artistic notions dispersed all around, served as a suspenseful alternative to what should have been a suspenseful narrative.
The Woman in the Window is unquestionably an unsatisfactory creation that could have easily been one of this year’s best releases.

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