What’s Left of Home by Antoine Maksoudian Review

Review by Sandy Rakka

By choosing between working abroad and chasing a better life conditions or staying among his family and his lover, Joseph was scattered between these two options.
The review today is about the award winner short film by the Lebanese filmmaker Antoine Maksoudian.
“What’s Left of Home” that talks about a Lebanese guy who gets the opportunity to work abroad, but on the other side he will be leaving his lover Ramy and his father and sister, who tried their best to make him change his mind and to stay.
Joseph just like many other Lebanese youth, who have been struggling in this situation, shattered between staying home where the living is hard or leaving the country to look after a better living.
Written and Directed by: Antoine Maksoudian
Submitted to: The Lebanese Independent Film Festival-LIFF


Would you keep your loved one next to you no matter what or let them go if it’s for their own good? When Josef, a Lebanese closeted guy in his mid-twenties gets a job abroad, his life is put into perspective.

Director Biography – Antoine Maksoudian

Antoine Maksoudian is a Lebanese Director, Writer, and Editor of Armenian descent. In 2019, He received a master’s degree in film directing from the Lebanese University, where he wrote and directed the short drama film “What’s Left Of Home” winning the best narrative award in the Lebanese independent film festival.

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