WIFF Official Selection


WIFF Screening November 27th, 2022

voices and locks by Ilham Bakir – Turkey
Redemption by Joshua Marc Allen
The box by Daniel Maculan – Italy
Sonoran Saints by Jack Sollecito – USA
Here Is Where the Monsters Live – by Chance Fuerstinger – USA
The Clark and Bourne Holiday Special by Jamie Bourne
2nd Date by Jaik Andino – USA
A Promise of Vengeance by Giacomo Giammatteo – USA
Betrothed, a Crusades Romance by Ruth Finnegan
The red robe, a tale of the cardinal’s France by Ruth Finnegan
THE SICKEN by Danny Alex
Kathy by by Ruth Finnegan
A Nun And An Officer by James Anthony
No biscuits in heaven by by Ruth Finnegan
“That demmed elusive pimpernel” by by Ruth Finnegan
Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER by Patrcik Donovan – USA
Missy’s Voice bby Karen Goeller – USA
GERONIMO’S REVENGE by Mario Gandolfo – USA
The One’s Before You “Worth Every Penny” by Jaybreez – USA
The Last Yard Sale by Marie Ginga – USA
Amy and Angel by Robert Craig – USA
Anxiety Overcome by Phi Hle
Bad Love Tigers by Kavin Schewe – USA
Voyagers of the Fijian Pearl, an island tale by by Ruth Finnegan
Everything I Could by Ben Cable – USA
The Unlocking by Thomas Brush – USA
Escape Artists Script by Karen Goeller
A Final Draft for The Black Sea Of Roses bby Vanessa Chattman
THE BLACK MAGICIAN by The Black Magician
Take Me With You by Abraham Howard – USA
Machliar bby Robert Kouba – Switzerland
AMANITA by Robert Hall – USA
Killing Detroit by Christopher Hood – USA
As Scared As You by Jesse Dorian – USA
No Address by Robert Lenney – USA
Island In The Sand by Erik Hertwig – USA
Gimme Shelter Part Three by David Davidson – USA


International Screening November 28th, 2021

All for One and One for All, Slovenia
The Dealer on Campus, Australia
Who is waiting for GODOT, Kuwait
Scarecrow, Turkey
Diegesis, Peru
Utopia Of The Outraged, Chile
Rán, Iceland
Audenie, Germany
An Étude in Art,Ireland
Another conversation, Lebanon
Saucy Toinha, Brazil
Messages from Venice, Italy
Three Teaspoons Of Sugar, South Africa
Do Not Cross Me, Sweeden
Creatures of my nights, France
MYOPIA, el Salvador
I have nothing but you right now, Italy
Dust, Italy
An attempt, Lebanon
To kill a memory, Lebanon
“Flik Flok” Dir. Angeliki Pardalidou Greece Drama
“Shadow and Souls” Dir. Judith Foster Thompson CA.& AZ.
“The Sylph” Dir. James Alire and Joy Ludwig AZ.


“Thoughts Engine” Dir. Senen Fernandez Gonzales Spain

“It’s a B$tch Birthday” Dir. Felicia Rivers SC

“Reboot” Dir. Taylor Morden OR

“Split” Dir. Kayvan Sarvari Iran

“Goldblooded” Dir. Tom Botchii CA

“Fresh” Dir. Tatiana Wisniewski CA

“Good Man-Honour your Father and Mother Dir. Daniele Zinelli Italy

“The Kingdom of I” Dir. Maya Zaleoum Lebanon

“Diversity” Dir. Mardig Otjian Lebanon

“FearPoint” Dir. Adolpho Navarro AZ


“Melvin and the Microphone” Dir. Chris Youngless CA

“Noisy Caterwaul” Dir. Cynthia Abou Jawdeh Lebanon

“The Lost Boys-The New Breed” Dir. Randy Memoli NJ

“Time Crisis” Dir. David Zheng  CA

“Near Sight” Dir. Stephen Parkhurst NYC

“Three in a Coffin” Dir. Eric L. Hansen TN

“The Trophy” Dir Luana Chaptini Lebanon 

“Ruins” Dir. Valentina Khawand Lebanon

“Static Kinship” Dir. Adolpho Navarro AZ 

November 30th, 2019
Drama & Comedy
17:00 – 23:00

“The Hug Deal” Dir. Charlie Dennis U.K.

“The Purple Tree” Dir. Roy Bou Chaaya Lebanon

“The Forgettable Dr. Knowalke Dir. Joel Crumbley GA

“transNoir” Dir. David M.G.G. Pedersen Denmark

“Agnes” Dir. Josh Daniels AZ

“The Sister Twins” Dir. Daniel Canez CA

“Crypto” Dir. Charles Townsend VA

“The Pick Up” Dir. Sandrick Mathurin & Ludovic L ‘Heureux Canada

“I Want To Be Understood And Ignored” Dir. Shadi Rabahi Lebanon

“The Will of Zenia” Dir Cassandra Nicholson AZ

“The Goodbye” Dir. Josh Daniels AZ

“A Wink or a Smile” Dir. C. Blake Everden Canada 

“Wanderboy” Dir Thomas Bernos CA/France

“Ruthless” Dir. Mukarram Ramadan Canada


“What’s Left of Home” Dir. Antoine Maksoudian Lebanon

“Imaginary Bullets” Dir. Sean Oliver AZ

” Classic Punk” Dir. Ashley Hiatt NYC

“The Break Up Diner” Dir. Stephen Kessen AZ

“Crystal” Dir. Camilio Azoury Lebanon

“What Is Your Name?” Dir. Nour AL Moujaber Lebanon

“Inside the Hole Project” Dir. Vaughan Grey AZ

“Bathroom Humor” Dir. Ken Glaser CA

“Petey and Pile-(Stab Club)” Dir. Brian Ress & Dion Mastrangelo AZ

“Felicia’s Secret” Dir. Adolpho Navarro AZ

“Belonging” Dir. G.C.R. France/Lebanon