A hero by Asghar Farhadi film review

Asghar Farhadi’s latest cinematic composition is a socio-political statement that focuses on the duality of morality and society in a confrontational yet realistic setting.

The sense of honesty and compassion in the hands of director Farhadi transformed into an ocean full of complexities and content. The rawness of his story is both beautiful and frightening and its “simple” narrative was skillfully translated through expressive writing.

Within A Hero’s dense narrative, a set of emotionally complex characters emerged. Characters that you can’t help but feel for throughout the film. It focused heavily on creating a shared emotional bond with each one of these characters. Amir Jadidi delivered an exquisite performance of nuance and unpretentiousness. His sensitive facial expressions and defeated body movements spoke volumes.
The simplistic camerawork and lighting complemented the themes of the story perfectly. They translated a story in such a vibrant and abundant manner. The restrained score also worked marvelously in this specific setting and environment. All of these aspects come together in a thrilling way that oblige you to watch with a tormented breath and focus solely on the story till the very end.

A Hero slowly builds up for a conclusion that will make you think about everything you have just witnessed. It is subtle, provocative, and emotionally engaging. Farhadi’s A Hero is a film with a message to all those who are willing to listen.

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