Bridgerton by Julia Quinn series review

Bridgerton season 2 is back with a bang. Gorgeous, enticing, and thought-provoking, this Netflix show did not disappoint.

But it’s no secret that most second installments of well-established hits always have big shoes to fill. Bridgerton mostly succeeded in keeping its fan base engaged and entertained, myself included, but it was unable to reach the same heights that made it so much of a smash hit.

The series’ rich and colorful narrative continued to charm us with elaborate characters and an engaging story. but in all honesty, this new chapter of Bridgerton felt less daring and innovative than before. The plot started to feel predictable throughout its run and the tone suffered.

Nevertheless, the characters were well-developed and the introduction of new ones only spiced things up for us devoted watchers. The cast proved once again why their talent makes them so loveable and fun to follow. Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley were a desirable couple with irresistible charisma.

Although Bridgerton’s second installment had some flaws, it continued to amaze us all throughout. The cinematography was simply beautiful, and the overall production value is just astounding. The lavish costumes, breathtaking setting and music were amazing and inspiring.

Truly a show that knows no boundaries when it comes to either fashion, cinematography, or performances, Bridgerton is a sexy gossipy series with a lot of fun.

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