Army of the dead by Zack Snyder Film Review

The long awaited “Army of the Dead” is here, and it surely is something!!

The film is loaded with an undeniable amount of excitement splattered with a stimulating dose of thrill and gory sequences. But beneath this glistening exterior, sits a pointless, unconvincing interior depicted by an underwhelming narrative and some not-so-engaging characters.

The storyline, amusing as it may be, was overshadowed by a lengthy fatigue-inducing runtime. The narrative was extended way beyond its material’s resources and in return failed to enhance or deliver something fresh or imaginative to an already overpacked genre.

Similarly, the film’s characters were missing an important element: a fascinating story arc. Together, they strangely clicked. Each offered something which was absent from the rest. But independently, they were an ideal example of writing gone wrong.

The performances behind these personas such as Dave Bautista and Omari Hradwick’s felt mechanized. In other words, the zombies they were fighting had much more charisma and intrigue. However, Ella Purnell and Nora Arnezeder still managed to stand out amongst the crowd and deliver convincing acts.

Despite these unforgiving flaws, the film still managed to get a few things right such as the striking visuals and the absolutely spotless makeup and SFX skills. All in all, they created a really fun and entertaining ambiance that one can enjoy.

Army of the Dead, flaws and all, is still a somewhat enjoyable experience if you are not searching for something serious or logical.

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