Disney Cruella by Craig Gillespie Film Review

Perfectly described as the love child of ‘the Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Joker’, Cruella is one of Disney’s most stylish creations to date.
Creating an origin story that is both authentic and creative is never an easy task. But in the case of this film, it simply felt effortless. Objectively, it could have been imbued with an additional dosage of malice and mischief, but the overall result was nothing less than satisfactory.

However, the secondary characters showed zero to little progression over the course of the film. The emphasis on Cruella and her origins, which is understandable to an extent, stole the spotlight from everyone else. In the same context, the writers could’ve also gone with a darker and more psychotic path regarding Cruella’s personality because despite her innate madness and badness, she was still tamed.
Emma Stone intuitively embodied the essence of Cruella. Her quirky facial expressions and her addictive tonal shifts were monumental in bringing this dear old character to life in its full glory. Emma Thompson was, simultaneously, equally charismatic, and delightful.
Aesthetically, the film has an undeniable flair of luxury to it. The lavish costume designs and the tone-accurate score, alone, were more than enough to draw in every wandering spectator. This was also boosted with the usage of numerous extravagant camera techniques. This perfect harmony between the visual and the sonic components was executed to perfection.
Cruella is an exquisite creation that is way too enjoyable and amusing, despite its obvious flaws.

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