Blood Red Sky by Peter Thorwarth Film Review

This is the type of movie that holds power over its viewers. It has a really creative premise and an intriguing concept which are more than enough to keep everyone invested till the very end.

However, Red Blood Sky failed to reach its fullest potential due to regrettable choices. For starters, aside from having a well-established premise and a promising storyline, the lack of some important data regarding the characters and the film’s events had a negative impact.

In other words, the lack of characters motives and background study was a really dumb move.

Moving on, although Red Blood Sky was exceptionally engaging and riveting to begin with, the second act was dragging way too much without offering anything to make it worthwhile. The first and last act were suspenseful, intriguing and had some sort of an emotional edge to them, in contrast to the second one with literally nothing.

Despite these flaws, I can’t deny that there’s a certain aspect to this film, perhaps its gory feel, that feels fresh and authentic. The special effects makeup and the actor’s engaging performances was on a whole other level.

Blend all of these elements, the positive and the negative, and you will have a highly engaging yet unsatisfying film about vampires on a plane!!

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