Lupin by George Kay, François Uzan Series Review

After a brilliant, detail-oriented first part, Lupin is back with an equally complicated, yet slightly less engaging second part.

Taking over Netflix by storm, this French hit was an exemplary product of exquisite writing and masterful execution! With two similarly interesting parts, Lupin’s multifaceted narrative and incredible performances and cinematography, were nothing less than perfect.

Its elaborate narrative had the perfect balance of drama, intrigue, and politics. It is well-paced and can be considered as a successful and an intense exploitation to the defective ‘heist’ genre. Its only downfall was its risk-taking factor. The overall events of the show, no matter how captivating or over the top, were a little bit predictable and that affected my viewing experience.

Omar Sy as the titular Lupin was undeniably the show’s strongest element. His personality and blasé expressions imprinted the show with a charismatic identity that keeps on giving. However, I could not quite relate to everyone else as they were largely uninteresting or just puppets in an Omar Sy show.

Lupin, on the other hand, did provide beautiful sceneries which were captured using some really beautiful camera techniques. The entire show was colored with a warm yet very accurate palette that gave it a rather elegant flair. Additionally, the uniquely constructed score produced a special ambiance of nostalgia and thrill that viewers will eat it up happily.

Lupin is an action-filled, elegantly stylized heist show that feels both fresh and amusing!!

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