Dry jasmine by Joseph Tanos film review

When a warm and comfortable night becomes an abyss of mystery and unanswered questions, what is left to do but wonder at the beauty of it all? your inner self will be caught by the raw, symbolic and passionate world that Director Tanos has created.

Dry Jasmine is a tribute to poetic filmmaking that embodies a multitude of visual elements that will evoke many emotions in everyone who watches it.
It is an extremely moving story with a bittersweet narrative that throbs with life. The expressions of pain and desperation are so powerful; the way each character is portrayed is so personal and unique that you will get submerged into their tale of love, loss and heartache.

A synergy of visually captivating cinematography, haunting score and a philosophic essence that forges the undying emotions of emptiness and despair, Dry Jasmine is a film best felt and experienced.

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