Paradis by Chris Akoury film review

With a challenging and complex story-line, intriguing characters, and high concept cinematography, Paradis is a powerful film that will leave you questioning what lies beneath the spell of apparent reality.

​The thought-provoking exploration of life and human nature, made even more powerful by the stellar cast’s performance and the hauntingly beautiful visual elements, will leave you with a feeling of uncertainty.

You see, there is a sense of melancholy to director Akoury’s Paradis. A subtle, yet striking dark tone permeates the whole film as shown by the portrayal of the characters and their actions. The camera and the narrative remained focused on evoking divergent thoughts, feelings, and sensory and subconscious memories rather than providing commentary on them.​ And that​,​ is a truly unique experience.

With a myriad of symbolic elements, the soundtrack reigned supreme as it instinctively matched each scene, metaphorically splitting the movie into two equal halves of good and bad, and then slowly building up intensity and pulling back, letting us disappear into the dark abyss that is the final act.

​Paradis is a film that leaves the audience with a multitude of questions, where definitive answers are not readily available.

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