Enola Holmes 2 by Harry Bradbeer

Entertaining, perplexing, and intriguing Enola Holmes 2 is just as enjoyable as its predecessor. Enola Holmes 2 by Harry Bradbeer

The “whodunit” plotline works brilliantly, with just the right amount of drama, comedy, and mystery. The story is also full of easter eggs and references that make it more compelling to interpret and analyze.

The characters are endowed with incredible intelligence and power. They are simple to connect with and root for. The chemistry between Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill is fantastic to watch. Their on-screen relationship has an energy that is effortlessly authentic and convincing.

The lavish costumes, set design, and overall victorian-style of the film just add an extra flair and make the entire Enola Holmes 2 experience just as exquisite and entertaining as the first.

I’m really looking forward to the third installment in the Enola Homes universe.

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