French Exist by Azazel Jacobs Film Review

An eccentric ode to loneliness and melancholia, French Exit is a slow-paced yet symbolically genius dramedy.

With an outside look, French Exit is a dull, excessively stylized story that is struggling to stay afloat. It is true, the film unravels in a monotonous manner, and senselessly may I add. Yet, with further examination, you understand that all of these tiny adjustments are actually intentional. They are nothing more than a projection of the character’s inner state.

In other words, this film’s narrative is a love story tainted with sadness and void! These grand feelings were depicted in an9 unusually minimalistic manner.

Aimless as they can be and rather dull, the film’s characters were a bore. Beside the main lead who is an elegant concept to be examined, the additional crowd of pointless characters ruined what could have been a really compelling character-based story.

Inarguably, this film’s sharpest asset was Michelle Pfeiffer. Her facial expressions and body language were exuding dominance and magnetism. To describe her performance as iconic would truly be the understatement of the year.

French Exit, moreover, had a retro-nostalgic vibe that can be counted as a tribute to old Hollywood films. The exquisite cinematography and gloomy color palette were a formidable addition that spared this film from complete failure.

Quietly unexpected, French Exit is an obvious pleasure to those with a rather unusual taste in cinema.

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