Loki Disney Series Review

An intimate analysis on what makes Loki a Loki, Marvel’s latest venture into the world of television drama is mischievously unique.

With an interpretive narrative tackling philosophical topics such as free will and the essence of a human being (or a God), what differentiates Loki from its predecessor of Marvel shows is its ability to create discussions, break outdated customs and alter opinions.

Yes, the show is humorous, exciting, and absolutely adventurous but what comes as a surprise is its emotional essence that translates its characters’ journeys since the first episode. It is a thorough investigation of bomb-like characters with an intent on discovering what truly makes them tick. It is an absolute disclosure of Loki’s realest essence and his overall growth in the MCU.

Although the show is centered around the God of mischief himself, the narrative also took notice of different variations of his character. It is a combination of Lokis that make up this show’s personalities. amongst many more. Each variant is exclusively unique, different, and interesting. However, their collective aspect is what makes them all so fascinatingly haunting.

Tom Hiddleston is a master of nuanced performances. His outrageously charming take on Loki was and always will be sublime. His effortless movements, hauntingly poignant stares, and cunning smile are more than enough to captivate any and all spectators. Sophia Di Martino was an excellent extension of Loki and Hiddleston’s perfect partner. Her daring enthusiasm and charismatic personality truly shone from within.

A heavy show such as Loki requires all other elements to be on point. The cinematography, the special effects, the colorful palette… all painted a visually stimulating masterpiece where each frame was rich with famous marvel references. These elements were a story within the story.

An exhilarating dive into Loki’s world and personality, this show truly delivered what it promised.

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