Heartstopper by Euros Lyn film review

Heartstopper is without a doubt one of Netflix’ loveliest, soul-stirring, and most touching shows to date.

Its formidable source material and fully inclusive narrative are authentic, grounded, and unconventional, in the best sense possible. It has a very straightforward adaptation from page to screen and that’s a mark of a well made show.

The performances are genuine and pleasant to watch. The cast did a magnificent job embodying their well-established and unique characters. Kit Conner and Joe Locke are without a doubt an electrifying duo to watch out for.

Its cozy ambiance, warm color palette, and eccentric animated visuals added an extra layer of relatability and comfiness. The overall direction and sense of the show were effortless and endearing.

Long story short, Heartstopper is, unsurprisingly, an unmissable new TV experience that is set to make your day (and year).

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