The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper film review

The Danish Girl, albeit restrained, depicted a subtle narrative of transformation and acceptance that transcends time.

There’s a rawness and constraint at work here that makes this film both astonishingly immersive and boring. 

It’s telling a timeless narrative in a really fashionable, chic style, but in some ways, the styling of such a vital subject took away from its capacity to actually affect and make a lasting impression.

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander both provide heartfelt performances. Redmayne’s ability to change and embody his personas is impressive and thrilling to see.

The minimalist sound effects, along with the pared-down imagery, created a stunning painting brimming with meaning and passion.

If only “The Danish Girl” had been more brave and emotionally open to explore its story’s full possibilities, the raw, the ugly, and the beautiful.

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