Les 7 vies de Léa – The 7 Lives Of Lea series review

Les 7 Vies de Léa is an unusual love story with devastating consequences.

With a compelling plot and a great ystery, It presented a fresh perspective at the time travel and murder mystery genres.

From the first episode to the end, it provided great material and never steered away from essential and some uncomfortable issues. The background setting of 1990s Rocher de la Baume merely contributed to an already interesting storyline.

The characters are all multifaceted, and the manner in which they were portrayed is brilliant and imaginative. You were able to empathize with them while rooting for them.

The performances, particularly those of the two main roles, were compelling. The entire ensemble delivered really convincing acts.

While keeping a serious and tense tone, this show had a really nice and inviting atmosphere. Les 7 Vies de Léa is an excellent pick for a relaxing afternoon viewing!

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