The Migratory Bird – L’oiseau Migrateur review

An unrestricted exploration of freedom and captivity, The Migratory Bird is a journey that spans across time and gender, through the constructed and deconstructed, and over body and poetry.

Capturing the audience in a moment between reality and fantasy, director Matar plays with postmodernist concepts such as alienation and desire while delivering an existential message of liberty, confinement, and reflection.

Brilliantly building upon its narrative of self-knowledge, this short turned its personas’ inner monologues and struggles into full-fledged dialogues that captured a beautiful essence of belonging and connectionism.

The Migratory Bird, also titled “L’oiseau Migrateur”, is unpretentious in its aesthetics and delicately edited, yet it feels like an unfolding poem that presents one fragment at a time. The soft colors, the minimal sound effects, the soft beats of music and the slow sensual body movements all contribute to the sense of haunting tranquility that pervades this short.

The Migratory Bird is life re-told from a new perspective. In the most beautiful ways, this film shows how one can be both free and imprisoned at once.

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