Martyr by Mazen Khaled Film Review

In a contrasting world of perpetual loneliness and union, Martyr is a haunting character-study filled with erotic nuances and emotional allegories.

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Mazen Khaled has created a story of immense transcendence. Carefully constructed from the fabrics of cinematic drama, fantasy and tragedy, Martyr’s storyline was undoubtedly attached to a wide web of components, each pushing the storyline further and establishing a profound influence over its viewers. In other words, Martyr is an insightful experiment on the ever-existing duality of life and death. It is a film where the sensuality of death blends effortlessly with the harshness of life.

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Khaled’s intimate and personal camera movements mirrored the film’s intensity yet also its vulnerability. Indisputably one of its greatest assets, the film’s communicative and dramatic physical language, purposely immersed in an erotic aesthetic, was cleverly achieved by an ensemble of authentic performers. Hamza Mekdad and Hadi Bou Ayach’s on-screen bond transcribed an epic tale of restrictions and openness. Their diverse and persuasive point of views and subjective additions took this film to a whole new level of sincerity and honesty.

MARTYR de Mazen Khaled : ballet funeste - Pop and Films

This visually stimulating experience was, throughout its entire runtime, accompanied with an alarmingly invigorating score. At the end of the day, this massive blend of visual and sonic entities and the film’s unique perspective and approach produced an undeniably compelling reflection that contains much more essence than one might initially perceive.

Martyr is a poetically written and assembled film with no constraints. Either with its sexual nuances or humane approaches, this film is an experience!

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