Netflix Ragnarok by SAM Productions Series Review

Following the events of the first season, Ragnarök’s second installment is a much darker continuation of the Norse mythology, absolutely loaded with ancient divinations, old magic, and timeless beings.
The most remarkable component of this season is the intense shift that took place within the story. it abruptly transformed from an average self-discovery scheme into a fully blown war of the Gods.
This impressive transformation set the appropriate tone instantly, producing an absorbing ambiance which made this entire second installment an immediate bingeworthy experience that just keeps on giving.
Likewise, this evolution was not simply limited to Ragnarök’s narrative. Its characters also witnessed a much-needed development especially those who were deemed secondary in season one. This time around, each one got its fair share of the story with enough material to carve their mark and ensure their future in the show.

David Stakston, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, and Herman Tømmeraas were among the returning cast who provided genuine and compelling performances. However, Jonas Strand Gravli was undeniably the true star of the season. This time around, he managed to absolutely capture the charismatic essence of his character and surpassed well-needed extremes.
But when talking about a show such as Ragnarök, we cannot not mention its picturesque sceneries where it all took place. The entire setting feels like a piece of heaven. And the exquisite camera movements aided in capturing the beauty of Norway that translates so well with the show’s source material.
Magic, mystery, and Folklore are what Ragnarök is all about. An entertaining Norwegian short series that is bound to entertain all viewers.

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