Netflix, The Gift series Review

The continuation of a fantastic saga, the hit Turkish series ATIYE third season is an interesting culmination of extraordinary writing and epic mythologies.

Throughout the course of 8 knowledge-filled episodes, the story progressed in an effortless yet multifaceted manner. The combination of the brilliant writing and the show’s profound, historic source material formed an exceptional dimension of magic and cleverness.

But there are always two sides to every story. This season’s first couple of episodes were in all honesty a bit of a lackluster. Having these episodes serving as transitory ones is an understandable course of action. However, something felt missing!

The show’s multilayered characters were, yet again, exemplary pieces of fiction. The journey they had to endure and the message they each represent is gratifying to witness.

Beren Saat once again proved that she is a stellar performer. Her serene facial expressions and unpretentious acting is a gift in itself. However, this season it was Metin Akdülger who truly emerged. His authentic and vulnerable act was a work in progress since the first season and it all came together in perfect harmony this time around.

Atiye’s mystifying camera angles, eye-catching sceneries, eccentric references, and enchanting score, combined, will transport the viewers into an exceptional journey of unforgettable magic and impressive intelligence.

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