Disney and Pixar’s Luca by Enrico Casarosa Review

Pixar’s Luca is a touching coming-of-age story that simply feels good.

Set in a colorful world of endless opportunities and challenges, Luca is rich with subtle innuendos, uplifting metaphors, and exciting references. Its feel-good narrative offered a perfect combination of humor and delight!!
As simple as it may seem, Luca’s storyline is anything but. As it slowly unravels, due an effortless pace, us viewers realize that we are being transported into the film’s original universe of colors and inspiration.

The creation of each character was spot on!! Their individual struggles and personal journeys only added opulence and vibrance to the overall progress of the story. I personally cannot think of anyone other than Jacob Trembley and Jack Dylan Grazer to voice our two leads. Their vocal tones were a perfect match and complemented their characters flawlessly.

The picture-immaculate animation and the moving score are to be considered an additional asset that aided this film in creating a pleasurable, light weight, and most importantly a likeable experience. The film’s overall ambiance was unmatchable.

It goes without saying, Pixar and Disney Animation, yet again, created an absolutely inspiring story which everyone will enjoy and be moved by!

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