Pearl by Ti West

Pearl, as a compelling prequel, elevates the gory-horror genre with another gripping character drama, impressive storytelling, and inventive cinematography.

The story is interpretive and complex. It has numerous subplots, references, and metaphors. The film’s integrated and holistic themes of deprivation, yearning, connection, and pleasure merge into a surreal spiral in search of the ultimate freedom.

Mia Goth is beyond phenomenal. Her take on the titular character is breathtakingly disturbing and utterly mesmerizing. She completely loses herself in her performances, becoming one with her persona.

Director West has created an underground subgenre of horror stories that oozes dread. The camera movements and the vintage-inspired score only added to the fear and paranoia, aiding in the creation of an atmosphere of complete insanity.

This is a film that has it all, and it will undoubtedly become a cult classic in the coming years.

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