Resident Evil

Let’s get right to the point: Netflix’s Resident Evil is clearly divided into two parts: the first four episodes and the final four episodes.

The show has an intriguing premise and plot lines without a doubt. But it failed exactly where it needed to succeed. The storyline and the course of events did not create an interactive experience. Personally, I was bored and uninterested by this.

However, things begin to improve in Episode 5. The intrigue is handled better, and you begin to feel that things are at stake, even if in small doses.

Throughout the season, the acting alternated between being forced and believable. The only ones who truly delivered convincing performances were Siena Agudong and Paola Nez.

The set, costumes, and special effects makeup are all extremely well-crafted and truly give the impression of a post apocalyptic world.

In all honesty, Resident Evil failed to meet any expectations, and with a few tweaks, this could’ve been a huge success for Netflix.

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