Squid Game Series Review

Without any confusion, Netflix’ Squid Game is THE show of the year and I will tell you exactly why.

Following an increasingly disturbing and gory premise, the narrative is engrossing, representational and genuine. The constant tension around life-or-death situations, and the struggle to choose between survival and humanity gave the show a realistic panache.

But despite being plunged in realism, Squid Game is actually full of symbolism and direct metaphors about the world we live in. It is a social commentary, in the form of a thriller, abundant with cultural contexts, provocations and personal conflicts that all feel disturbingly way too real.

The characters are all multidimensional with solid background stories. The manipulation element that surrounds them and the choices they were obliged to make, made witnessing them an innversing event filled with dread and discomfort.

The show’s remarkable ensemble such as HoYeon Jung, Park Hae Soo and Lee Jung-jae gave exceptional performances. Literally ‘Chapeau bas’.

Squid Game provided brilliant and immersive fight sequences accompanied with beautiful scoring, captivating set design and striking visuals that will keep you hooked till the very end.

All of these elements combined eventually had one purpose and that is to drive us viewers into asking one question: is this game a secret reality in our societies today?
The thought of it alone is disturbing but succeeds in making you wonder.

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