Stowaway by Joe Penna Film Review

Netflix’ latest outer-space voyage is an admirable combination of intimacy and compassion.

With numerous factors at work, Stowaway’s narrative rapidly diverged itself from its genre’s ancestors. With an anxiety-inducing first scene and stimulating acts, this film convincingly commanded a thorough layer of warmth and calamity which only intensified and deepened as the narrative evolved. The film’s single downside is that it failed to resolve several questions it raised throughout its runtime.

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The minimalistic mannerisms of the film’s personas complemented its external environment. Each character showed different yet ultimately related perspectives regarding the many themes of this film.

Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson collectively collaborated in introducing completely poignant performances. A remarkable amount of authenticity and emotionalism was displayed, and this significantly aided their characters overall evolution and growth.

This film had a lot of strategic elements such as its screenplay and characters. But if anything stood out the most, it was certainly Stowaway’s claustrophobic and suffocating approach.

The intimate and near camera movements paralleled the film’s entire tight surroundings yet it somehow also succeeded to capture the vastness of space. In addition, The suitably innerving score and the visually compelling graphics helped in building and maintaining an anxious ambiance.

Ultimately, Stowaway secretly managed to provide a comprehensive outer-space adventure with an undeniably profound level of realism and humanitarianism.

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