Shadow and Bone by Eric Heisserer Series Review

Orbiting an epic tale of Enigma, mystic and folklore, Shadow and Bone, indisputably and instantly, marked itself on top of the Netflix YA-fiction genre.

The show’s screenplay, which is an adaptation of the cherished “The Grishaverse” book series by Leigh Bardugo, is in itself a fully blown and transcended universe of epic interrelated storylines, rivalries, and revolutionary revelations. The downside of this exceptionally enthralling element is that, occasionally, things are destined to get overwhelming. Especially if you are not previously familiar with Bardugo’s massive universe of literature creation.

The narrative is intense and philosophical, entirely imbued with enchanting legends, ancient realms, and Godly beings. But, Shadow and Bone’s essence, that of culture, philosophy, and intrigue, is by far its most exhilarating component. The sheer existence of such a fantastical world was sufficient to generate a compelling ambiance that signifies the wisdom and strength of its story and characters.

Another exceptional component which aided in the construction of such a successful show is the characters. Shadow and Bone’s personas were literally stitched together with an extra dose of myth and power. Individually, they each rose to the occasion and infused the show with necessary side-stories and emotional ranges. But collectively, they were a force of nature, a powerful ensemble with a definitely bigger role in future installments.

Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, and Amita Suman, along with a big ensemble of professionals, impeccably interpreted their personas inner wills and charisma. Each had a specific set of skills, either body language, tonal swings, emotional range or just overall pure talent, which orchestrated a harmonious piece of performance ready to amaze each viewer.

The show’s graceful shooting techniques and the appropriate attire when combined with its eye-gasmic visuals and sonically soothing score, created an additional factor that added on the show’s influence and strengths.

Shadow and Bone is a new over-the-top Netflix creation that will soon become one of its best creations in 2021.

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