Things Heard and Seen by Shari Berman, Robert Pulcini Film Review

With a lyrical premise and an intriguing plot, Netflix’ “Things Heard & Seen” had all the necessary components of instant success.

However, the results did not quite live up to the expectations. The frustrating thing about this artsy-noir fiction is the mistreatment of its natural ingredients. The narrative itself is interesting with a lot of ambiguity and substance to keep one invested, though it was inadequately handled. In most parts, the storyline failed to earn drive and force, barely scraping the surface of what could have been a staggeringly poetic Netflix feature.

Things Heard & Seen' Review | Hollywood Reporter

The monotonous tempo, which I am presuming to be a stroke of luck, was unexpectedly an advantageous addition that culminated in a metaphorical and symbolic ending. An ending which still did not have the satisfactory essence I was anxiously looking for.

Things Heard & Seen boast a large ensemble of charismatic performers who individually managed to bring their profound(-less) characters to life. James Norton and Amanda Seyfried were utterly enchanting to observe. Their performances were genuine but most importantly persuasive, especially towards the big ending.

The film also conveyed a sinister, ambiguous ambiance which was translated through a cycle of morbid visuals and a dimmed color palette, as well as a troubling score. However, the graphics used were horrendous and unfortunately cheapened an already struggling movie.

This film with its numerous interpretations of love, death, and the afterlife had the ability to be something vibrant, touching and absolutely astonishing. Regrettably, Things Heard & Seen, as pleasant as it was to watch it, eventually felt like a wasted chance at something far superior.

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