The Northman by Robert Eggers film review

The Northman is a century-old viking legend with countless interpretations and renderings. Its major pillars of fate, death, and vengeance are prominent and well-explored.

The Northman’s story, however bizarre and symbolic, contained a simple and familiar basis. Nonetheless, it provided nuance and focus on what honor and retribution genuinely mean to a “Northman.”

The characters are brilliantly written. It’s a brutal picture about individuals who are blinded by wrath, transforming them into the most animalistic versions of themselves.

The Northman was superbly cast. The entire group performed outstanding performances. Alexander Skarsgard and Anya Taylor-Joy are a formidable team.

Robert Eggers has a distinct style, which shines through in this picture;  It’s eerie, primordial, and gloomy. The cinematography is majestic, the color palette is dismal yet somehow inviting, and the general atmosphere, paired with the strong soundtrack, produced an unequaled experience.

The Northman is an event not to be missed, with unusual scenery, superb performances, and a simple yet compelling plot.

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